From Consultation to Planting, Big Apple Florist Will Transform Your Interior & Exterior Landscaping

At Big Apple Florist, our pledge to provide the finest in exterior & interior landscaping has brought beauty and lush greenery to dozens of NYC buildings over the years. Both our exterior & interior landscaping processes begin with the Planning & Designing phase. Our landscaping specialist opens up a dialogue with the client where we begin laying out and designing the ideal construction/planting plan. From the planning phase, our landscaping specialist then utilize our in-house landscaping crew to begin transforming your space into a lush green scene. From there, to ensure the plants’ livelihood, plant maintenance is done a regular basis.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Many thanks to Georgeann for creating a magical, spectacular floral design at Harlow yesterday. The bride and her fortunate guests were treated to an outstanding room, beautifully decorated by Georgeann and Big Apple Florist. Your creativity, attention to detail, and care in delivering all the beautiful flowers, are appreciated greatly. With gratitude and admiration."

Margaret I. Cuomo