Winter Collection



Designers Choice

Let our designers create something special just for you.  Using a mix of the freshest blooms we have in for the day.

Meadow Romantique

Baby pink tulips, hot pink gloriosa lilies, mini green hydrangea, red roses, picnics with champagne... sorry - got carried away. This arrangement is reminiscent of a beautiful day outside with your special someone.

Royal Luna

You've always known she was a queen - send her flowers befitting of one. Speckled purple vanda orchids, lisianthus, tulips, and pink hyacinths are arranged in a beautiful oblongated white glass vase with curly willow arranged around to add a touch of whimsy.

Tickled My Fancy

Pretty pink calla lilies seemingly sprout from swirled lily grass and a rectangle glass vase accented with black pebbles.

Reaching Royalty

White calla lilies and purple tulips take a reach in a delightfully playful design accented with birch wrap and curly willow accents. Originating from a donut vase this piece is, dare we say it... on a roll?

My First Kiss

Short, sweet and just about perfect - everything a first kiss should be and this arrangement. Beautiful red roses are paired with pink ranunculus and designed into a flattened fish bowl vase.

Kiss Kiss

An adorable pink cymbidium orchid arrangement designed amongst rolled variegated leaves and in a cute and compact cube vase.

A Wink and A Nod

A gentle selection of blushing pink tulips are paired with hot pink vanda orchids for a perfect combo of sugar and spice.

Mi Amor

My love. Red roses. Nearly a translation. Red roses are bunched among variegated rolled leaves and surrounded with curly willow all assembled into a black glass cube vase.