Winter Wedding Flowers

Posted on December 3, 2010

There’s nothing more striking than winter wedding flowers. The understated elegance of the winter whites, combined with the deep hues typically found in the season make for a stunning combination. Adding the bling of metallic with some crystal accents ensure that you’ve got an extraordinary and picturesque winter wonderland wedding event. Winter wedding flowers white lilies in a rectangular vase with white stones - beautiful and elegant

The trick with winter wedding decorations is to highlight the colors of the season without leaning heavily toward the colors of the holiday season. It’s taking full advantage of the beauty of winter without becoming all about Christmas. Sticking to the winter whites with accents of silver and crystal and then adding a punch of a deep color can have a remarkable effect.

Texture and Shine in your Winter Wedding Arrangements

Adding some texture in the form of birch tree branches or some well-placed pine cones will add some visual interest without necessarily adding color. Combining this with the soft glow of tapered candles will produce a breathtaking end result. Also think in terms of larger blooms, like hydrangeas and soft ranunculuse with the gentle sheen of satin ribbon. The icy elegance of silver and crystal will give an arctic illusion, while the candlelight bathes the space in a warm glow.’s an optical illusion that melds candles and flowers perfectly together. Winter wedding floral arrangment of orange pink roses drooped over greenery in a birch wrapped square vase Another great choice for that punch of color is the unforgettable blue Forget-me-nots, which are lovely for a Jack Frost, icy-blue wedding. The always-fragrant Jasmine is a winter wedding flower and can be a wonderful choice to add that romantic air to your special day. Also consider tulips, which many people think is a spring bloom. In actuality, it’s available from December until the end of April. They come in many different and vibrant colors, including pin, white, red, purple…to name a few.

Flowers for Winter Weddings

Many florists agree that the key to an exceptional winter wedding floral arrangements is a narrow palette, including only one color, besides white. Consider adding some crystal or pearl pins or brooches for added sparkle to stephanotis, deep red roses and mini-callas. Winter wedding arrangements of orange lilies interspersed with greens in an orange square vase Another option is the color combination of white and ivory flower arrangements mixed with generous quantities of dark green foliage. There’s something very classic about an all-white-themed winter wedding arrangement. Picture white roses, white hydrangeas, white sweet peas, white ribbon and tons and tons of tulle. Then add a touch of sparkle with some hanging crystal and a touch of texture with some fir branches, pine cones and Eucalyptus and you’ll have a picturesque, chic setting that will be long remembered for its elegance and sophistication. Now that you know what winter wedding flowers can do for you, get ideas for winter wedding centerpieces.

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