Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Posted on December 24, 2010

A winter wedding can have its own set of challenges…the weather can be an issue but choosing the perfect winter wedding centerpiece doesn’t have to be.  With some many winter wedding flowers to choose from and an assortment of intriguing options for embellishing them, your event is sure to be an eye opener. This winter wedding centerpiece features white roses, silvery white ball ornaments, and sprigs of branches and greenery in a silvery hammered vase The key to a stunning centerpiece is in the colors, combined with the requirement of lots of glowing candlelight. Think cool colors…especially all-white or cobalt blue, for that icy, deep-freeze look. Anything that sparkles is fair game as well…including shimmering crystal and twinkling white lights.

Icy Shimmering Winter Wedding Brilliance in Centerpieces

Bringing the outdoors inside is a classic way to achieve a themed winter wedding. Some ambitious brides have incorporated actual ice sculptures into their winter wedding centerpieces…but there are some pretty stunning alternatives that will achieve the same effect. Consider beautiful snow globes at the base of your floral arrangements filled with glittery, sparking winter scenes surrounded by snowflake-shaped crystal, glass or silver. Another popular option is birch branches, with their gentle, twisting design and natural winter-white hue. Up-lighting at the base will further accentuate their beauty and individuality. They create a lovely visual impact and when paired with some lovely drops of crystal and either tapered ivory candles or sparkling white lights reflect a stunning backdrop for your special day. This winter centerpiece for wedding features golden roses, golden ball ornaments, and greenery accents in a gold circular vase Centerpieces for winter wedding color schemes are usually the soft whites with splashes of cobalt blue, deep red or silver. Examples could include decorating the base of a winter flower centerpiece with etched, clear or varying shades of pearly blue Christmas ornaments in a delicate mound, or using the deep red of cranberries in the clear vase of your arrangement. Silver accents can come from a range of textures and shapes…such as tinsel, silver charms or accented in the vase itself. Pine cones can add an authentic feel to the warmth of a winter wedding…and another option can be to actually spread “snow” on each table…a way to truly bring the outdoors in.  Sparingly adding white faux fur or feathers to your arrangement will add a touch of whimsy and movement to your design as people  move past the tables causing the gentle ripple of the feathers. This centerpiece for winter wedding bursts with white calla lillies and green ribbons in a black transluscent vase with dark stones The possibilities are endless for you to create a winter wedding wonderland that will be remembered long after the day is over and your guests have arrived home satiated and already reminiscing about your wonderful perfect day.

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