Winter Flowers To Help Beat the Blues

Posted on January 13, 2010

How Winter Flower Arrangements May Brighten Your Mood

flower-help-mood-swings Winter flowers may be the perfect way to help those of us who struggle with mood swings as the weather gets colder and the sunlight less frequent.  As the holidays wind down, some people find themselves struggling with the winter blues.   "Seasonal Affective Disorder", as it's called, affects more of us than we may realize.  Women are more prone than men to suffer from feelings of lethargy, difficulty concentrating, finding motivation as well as weight gain. flowers-cure-seasonal-affective-disorder However, research has shown that over 85% of people that endure the winter blues can actually beat them with different therapies.  Flower therapy is one such method seeing as winter flowers can help brighten your mood!   Certain people tend to be more affected than others.   This includes women and college students.

Winter Flowers For Your College Student

flower-therapy-winter-blues According to one university, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects almost 25% of college students in the US, especially those that are in schools where the weather is colder and cloudier.  A delivery of winter flowers may be just what the doctor ordered for your college student. A few months ago, we wrote about the benefits of office plants and flowers in your work environment.  Many people use winter plants and flowers to reduce stress, enhance their mood and improve a room's ambiance.

Winter Flower Colors that Create a Good Mood

You'll notice in our winter flower collection that many of our selections contain bright colors such as red, pink and yellow.  This creates a feeling of warmth and passion.  Bold colors also create a spirit of spontaneity.  For some of us, creating a more tranquil mood through the use of pastel or white colors may do the trick.  These delicate colors also tend to nurture and impart a touch of tenderness. winter-flower-arrangements-brighten-mood Whichever emotion you'd like to convey with your winter flowers, Big Apple Florist has an assortment of flowers to create your perfect winter flower arrangement.  If you ever find yourself or someone you care about suffering from a case of the winter blues, consider trying to brighten a cold day with winter plants and flowers.

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