What arrangements are best for administrative professionals day?

Posted on April 22, 2016

Administrative professionals day lands on Wednesday, April 27th this year. Planning to purchase gifts for your administrative professional(s) can be challenging, especially when you have multiple people in your office to plan for. Flower arrangements as a gift for administrative professionals’ day is an absolute staple, but plants can be just as good as flowers. While flower arrangements typically are the most sought after gift for administrative professionals’ day, a plant could be just as stylish and beautiful, but typically will live longer than most flower arrangements, making it the gift that keeps giving. Flower arrangements we suggest for admin professional’s day The Gerbera Grab Arrangement - $50


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The Gerbera Grab arrangement consists of a stunning mix of Gerbera Daisies, Green Cymbidiums, Hot Pink Roses, and a touch of Green Hybericum. So why is this a great administrative professionals’ day gift? To start, if you have several employees in the office this choice in arrangement will be both economical and relatively long lasting for a designed flower arrangement. When your employees are walking through the office throughout administrative professionals’ week, wouldn’t you want the flower arrangements to hold up through the week? Mixed with green cymbidiums, which are hardy and long lasting in comparison to most flowers used for arrangements, The Gerbera Grab is built to look beautiful for more than just a day or so.   The Tulips For Tea Arrangement - $65


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The Tulips For Tea arrangement is another economical, yet hearty option like the Gerbera Grab.   Containing a mix of Adirem Tulips, and Yellow Cymbidiums, the Tulips For Tea arrangement is a display of a simple, yet elegantly beautiful arrangement. Like the Gerbera Grab, The Tulips For Tea includes cymbidiums. Yellow cymbidiums like green cymbidiums do tend to last longer than most other flowers, and will bring beauty to your office for days.   Plants we suggest for admin professional’s day Twin Mini Orchids - $75


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The Twin Mini Orchids is a wonderful choice for administrative professionals’ day. Orchids have a relatively long, and prosperous life cycle in comparison to most standard flower choices. Most will last around month with proper care, and some even 2 months depending on a variety of factors, but most importantly care. If you’re looking for an option for a administrative professionals’ day gift that will last more than just the week, The Twin Mini Orchids may be your best choice. The main thing to consider about the Twin Mini Orchids is the height of the arrangement itself, which is approximately 20 inches high. So while it is stunning, consider the space in your office it will sit so it can fit with it’s relatively tall dimensions. Twin Succulent Garden - $55


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The Twin Succulent Garden is built to sit on an office desk for weeks. The arrangement itself is very compact, and only measures about 8 inches wide, 4 inches high. Succulents, have a long hearty life span that doesn’t include very much care or watering throughout it’s life cycle, but access to sunlight does help. While not as visually inspiring as say a traditional flower arrangement, succulents are the gift that keeps on giving due to a usual minimum life span of a few weeks to a month.  

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