We’re Sexy and We Know It: Electrifying Indoor Plants to Spice Up Your Home or Office

Posted on February 28, 2012

rc="https://www.bigappleflorist.com/upload/blog/2012/02/pencil-cactus.jpg" alt="pencil-cactus" width="450" height="300" /> There are certain standard go-to plants that florists and interior designers depend on for simple, clean lines, bold green foliage, and easy no-nonsense maintenance. Corn Plants, Dracaena Marginatas, Snake Plants, Pothos, and Janet Craigs are wonderful, low-maintenance indoor plants that are generous and patient with humans and tolerate the confinement of our stuffy corporate offices and studio apartments. Sometimes, however, you need a little drama to make your life more exciting. I’ve come across four exciting plants in the past few days that I love, and that don’t always come to mind for New York florists. Try incorporating these green goddesses into your corporate offices and apartments for a little extra flair!

4 Stylish Plants for New York City's Poshest Indoor Spaces

cordyline-indoor-office-plantI saw this beautiful Cordyline plant in the flower market and had to snap a picture. The Cordyline Plant, also known as the Hawaiian Ti or Good Luck Plant, likes bright light – so keep it within 3-5 feet of a sunny window. (You should also keep it away from any drafts and heater vents.) Water thoroughly at least twice a week, and do not let the plant dry out in between watering. The Cordyline plant also loves a daily misting to help keep it looking gorgeous. At Big Apple Florist, we often incorporate the dazzling stripes of cut Cordyline leaves in our corporate floral arrangements for extra pizzazz. lemon-lime-warneckii-office-plantThis Lemon Lime Warneckii is bright and bold with spectacular chartreuse stripes. We used the Lemon Lime in a recent arrangement for a client, and it reminded me what a showstopper this plant is. Look how it glorifies our dull hallway! Lemon Lime plants are actually very easy to maintain. They like filtered light, are tolerant of low light, but bleach out if they get too much direct sun. Water Lemon Limes well, but allow to dry out fully between watering. We just received this lush Dracaena “Magenta” Bush with beautiful burgundy stripes from our greenhouse. We like it for customers who want tropical plants that aren’t too tall, but still have a “palm tree-like” feeling; this is edgy, exotic plant fits the bill! Dracaena Magentas are tolerant of low light. Water moderately, and let the top layer of soil dry before watering again.

I also saw a bunch of tiny Pencil Cactus while visiting the flower market, looking like a bed of seaweed. Pencil cactus have always been a special favorite of mine because of their wild growth pattern and the way that they follow the sun.

Pencil cactii love bright, warm light and require limited water – every 2-3 weeks in the summer, and none in the winter. Just watch out for the sap! Pencil cactus sap is another plant part that’s poisonous to animals and humans, and will cause painful itchy skin reactions if ingested. Be careful if you need to touch the plant to move or re-pot it. Lemon Lime Warneckii and Dracaena Magentas are also NASA-approved air-purifying plants, so they are not only beautiful – they’re helpful too! For more landscaping and interior design ideas to bring the beauty of tropical plants and foliage inside your home or office, visit our Interiors & Plant Maintenance page or give our design specialists a call at (212) 687-3434!

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