Wedding Season Is Right Around The Corner

Posted on April 1, 2016

Wedding Center-Pieces This season for centerpieces, summer brides have been predominately leaning towards tons of blush and pink tones. Instead of more traditional modern design, brides are now seeking a more natural look, incorporating textured foliage like seed eucalyptus, and lots of birch and branches. Something that every bride seems to want now is lots of candles, and not just on the tables but scattered throughout their wedding venue in every and any spot that is viable. Some examples of candle spots include the window sills around the venue, bar counter-tops, etc to create an overall romantic candlelit atmosphere.

wedding center-pieces

Wedding Bouquets  Along with the look of centerpieces, the design of the bouquets seems to be loosening up from traditional expectations. Brides are not so focused on wedding bouquets being large and full anymore, but rather into them looking more natural and gathered – instead of over prepared. Even draping and cascading bouquets are making a comeback, which hasn’t been the norm in floral wedding design in roughly a decade.   Wedding Bridal Party  Many brides now are opting for the unconventional bridal party. I have a wedding in June at the Ritz Battery Park where the bride is having no bridesmaids and just her brother. On the other hand I have another wedding a week before that at the Bryant Park Grill with 34 attendants! In other words people are not following any of the tradition rules and are being more personally driven in their wedding design and choices.


Wedding Reception There are a large range of different looks people are trying to accomplish now in their wedding reception. When soon to be brides and grooms are planning their wedding they do not want their guests to have to suffer through the same old wedding they have been to before. They are choosing more unique venues such as the Metropolitan Building that offers a different selection of antique furniture to choose from, lots of exposed brick and urban feel. Or on the other end of the spectrum they can choose something like Studio 450 that has all white walls floors and ceilings with crystal chandelier accents giving them a blank canvas to create whatever they envision for their special day.   Chuppahs   Chuppahs although traditionally a Jewish wedding custom, have become part of a lot of mainstream ceremonies and are being requested with higher and higher frequencies. Though referred to as an arch, couples want the same grand impression a traditional chuppah presents. It could be as simple as some simple satin fabric, or a unique design using lots of elements like branches, lights, and flowers to coincide with, or build on an overall theme.   Recommended Wedding Venues in NY: Each wedding venue has its own perks, style and features that fit a certain mold or theme. Having worked with the Ritz Battery Park for years now, I am somewhat bias in my love for how classically beautiful it is as a wedding venue. What Do I Love About The Ritz Battery Park? Out of all the venues that Big Apple Florist works with, The Ritz Battery park stands out from it’s beautiful views, to the second to none service. There is a particular feeling being in the Ritz Battery Park as it has a classical charm that makes you feel special just being within it’s walls. Why Is Metropolitan Building A Personal Favorite Wedding Venue? Having just successfully designed a wedding at the Metropolitan Building the feeling of how spectacular of a wedding venue it is, is still very fresh in my mind. In all my years doing floral design for weddings, I have never been in a wedding venue quite like the Metropolitan Building. All of the details of the building make it so unique, and provide it so much character. The best way to describe the Metropolitan Building is when setup for a wedding or private event, the venue carries this subtle feeling of being in a classical black and white movie; it has this classical feel to it that never ages. Why is Studio 450 So Unique? Studio 450 stands out for its ability to transform to any look necessary, for any wedding or private event. It is a one-size fits all venue and can be decorated and designed as if it is a completely blank slate. With windows surrounding the entire venue with breathtaking views of NYC, Studio 450 can fit 200 guests to enjoy that view which is a rare find indeed.

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