Vintage Flowers

Posted on November 20, 2010

When you think of vintage flowers, what comes to mind? Romantic. Elegant. Timeless. Vintage floral arrangements have a classic look all their own…and each type of flower in the 1800’s had its own meaning. In Victorian times, flower symbolism was represented by something called “Floriography”. Here is a brief list of traditional flowers with their meanings: Vintage Flowers close-up of red roses, pink lilies, and green accents
  • Bluebell: gratitude, humility, constancy
  • Cornflower: refinement, delicacy
  • Daffodil: unrequited love, respect, sunshine
  • Delphinium: fun, big-hearted
  • Daisy: loyal love, innocence
  • Forget-me-not: true love
  • Gardenia: secret love
  • Iris: wisdom, faith, hope
  • Lavender: devotion, love
  • Lily-of-the-Valley: happiness, sweetness
  • Oleander: caution
  • Orchid: love, thoughtfulness, beauty
  • Peony: happy marriage, shame
  • Rose (red): love, beauty
  • Rose (white): secrecy, innocence
  • Rose of Sharon: consumed by love
  • Snowdrop: hope, consolation
  • Violet: affection, virtue

Vintage Floral Arrangements

Creating a vintage flower arrangement is an easy look to replicate if you’re feeling inspired to create a centerpiece that will transport you back in time. Now you know that it’s as much about the type of flowers you choose as the piece chosen to hold them. Consider one of these unique vintage floral arrangements:
  • Combine long, tapered candles with the traditional flowers mentioned above to create a vintage-inspired look. Remember that fat pillar candles were not popular back in the day.
  • Using vintage china as a small vase immediately lends a vintage element to your arrangement.
  • A Victorian bird cage can make an interesting and dramatic vintage floral arrangement.
Pink daisies, white roses, and green accents make up this vintage floral arrangement

A Memorable Vintage Flower Wedding

Vintage flowers for weddings are a popular theme with brides. To incorporate that vintage feel, it’s best to use an abundance of soft, traditional colors…such as lilac, white and pale pink. Good choices for flowers can include hydrangeas, lisianthus, roses, stocks and freesias. If you’ll notice, none of these flowers are listed in the “Floriography”, so there are no worries of misunderstood meanings! Combining roses in soft, muted colors with cream lace and accented with pearls will pair beautifully with an antique lace bridal gown and veil for that overall vintage feel. By adding a wedding bouquet wrap of lace and pearls, the historic look will be flawless.  Table centerpieces are another great way to showcase the antique element to your wedding. The addition of topiary-style vintage flower arrangements done in soft muted colors will create that classic effect. Another popular look is the introduction of some cream or white feathers to your arrangements for a 1920’s look. Silver and milk glass are great materials to use as vases for that overall antique feel. Consider all-white and silver or cream and silver as your color palette for a truly memorable and stunning vintage wedding.

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