Valentine’s Day Flowers & History

Posted on February 2, 2010

Show Your Love With Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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rc="" alt="valentines-day-flower-delivery" width="292" height="410" /> The Valentine’s Day flowers tradition comes at a time when the weather is cold, but love and warmth are in the air. That thing we call “love” has been the central part of so many stories and yet continues to be a mystery for so many of us. But consider this… “love” is also an action. So let’s start loving! One sure bet is to show love with Valentine’s day flowers. Valentine’s day flowers may be for a new love that has entered our lives and gives us those familiar butterflies making us feel lighter than air. For others, it is someone that we’ve known for years and we want to show them our gratitude with flowers for Valentine’s day that we know will bring a smile to their faces. Oftentimes, there is a person that has no idea of how much he or she is loved. This is one of our favorite recipients for a Valentine’s day flower delivery! history-valentines-day-flowers-love-letters

History of Valentine’s Day Flowers, Love Letters & Cupid

Some of us may not know that the tradition of Valentine ’s Day flowers and love letters actually has a profound history. Valentine was a priest from Rome who secretly performed marriages during a time when Claudius II actually outlawed this practice, seeing it as a distraction for young men serving in the military. When this was discovered, Valentine was put in prison, during which time legend has it, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. He wrote her a letter that ended with “From your Valentine” to his love before being beheaded on February 14. Later this day was declared St. Valentine’s Day. Another legend tells of her son, Cupid, the Roman god of love. Venus became jealous of a beautiful mortal girl, Psyche, and so she sends Cupid to make it so that Psyche falls in love with a vile and unworthy man. However, when Cupid sees Psyche for the first time, he is so taken aback by her beauty that he accidently wounds himself with one of his arrows and so falls deeply in love with her. Venus is quite upset with this failed attempt. Some months go by and no one is falling in love on Earth. Venus sends Cupid again to continue his mission shooting arrows to make people fall in love as quickly as possible and this is how Cupid and his arrow came to be.



Valentine’s Day Flowers Today

history-valentines-day-cupid These legends display the passionate nature of love, but in the 1700s when courtship was the custom to win over a lady’s heart, flower symbolism was the popular method employed. The act of giving Valentine’s Day flowers set in motion the popular tradition that is still with us today. The red rose, symbolizing passion and romantic love, was also the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. We have a great Rose Flower Collection found here if you’re looking for a little inspiration. And just to make it convenient, we offer same-day delivery for Valentine’s flowers. So this year, whether you’re giving Valentine’s day flowers to your new-found love, your tried and true partner or you’re feeling the need to just tell someone how much they mean to you, keep in mind that love stories start with a feeling, are sown with actions and they can live on forever. This world could use more love and if you don’t know where to start, try loving yourself first and also giving the gift of Valentine’s day flowers. valentines-day-flowers-history

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