Urban Oasis: Plant Care Advice and Inspiration from a Friend

Posted on September 23, 2011

My friend Lisa is an amazingly creative and fun human being. As an actress, she spent the summer in the Finger Lakes singing and dancing as Sally Bowles in “Cabaret.” I know she is an accomplished painter, and also has been a professional muralist; she dresses cool and knows all about make-up; and she smiles 96% of the time. What I DIDN’T know is that Lisa has an almost supernaturally green thumb. Last time I visited Lisa was something like 8 years ago, and my memory was of a sparse and open space. Imagine my pleasant surprise on a recent visit when I walked into a plant-filled urban gardening oasis in NYC! Beautifully displayed green, glossy plants did wonders to make the apartment feel cozy, cool and inviting. I got her to share some of her plant care advice with me:

Choose Gorgeous, Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Zamioculcas zamifoia: Lisa’s beautiful “ZZ plant” is a good choice, because these plants are good-looking, have a unique shape, and are very easy to maintain. Plant care is a cinch: they don’t require much water and are broad-spectrum plants that can tolerate direct sun or shade. zz plant care advice Pothos plant: Lisa’s healthy pothos was lovingly named “Godiva,” and its verdant tresses cascaded over the top of a tall, Santeria altar-styled armoire. (Maybe that’s why her plants are so awesome – they’re enchanted!) Pothos plants are common indoor plants that do well with very little maintenance. pothos plant care advice

Lisa’s Plant Care Advice for Indoor House Plants:

  1. Water, but not too much! “Mist-mist-mist.” This is especially true near the air conditioner, where the air can dry out those tender leaves.
  2. If a plant looks too big for its pot, move it! Play musical pots and move every plant’s pot up one size, then buy a new 'big pot'. This way every plant also gets the benefit of fresh potting soil.
  3. Listen and pay attention to what your plants tell you. If they don't look happy, shift them around the room until you find their happy place – just enough sun, just enough shade.
For more plant care NYC tips and tricks, jump to our Plants and Plant Maintenance section! Need some expert advice? At Big Apple, we’re plant care experts. Do plants inspire you? Share your pictures and stories of plant experiences with me at georgeann@bigappleflorist.com!

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