Unique Vases for Floral Design

Posted on October 13, 2010

One trend that we would like to highlight is the concept of utilizing unique vases for unique floral arrangements.  At Big Apple Florist, we are always thinking of new and inventive ways to develop our floral designs for our clients.  This is just one of the many options we can provide so that you can achieve the exact floral décor look you envisioned.  Vases come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, colors, and more.  Switching out a clear cylinder vase for something different can give a floral arrangement an entire new look. Unique vases like this large round bowl vase with white flowers and purple floating petals make great gifts For fall, we wanted to place our warm-hued flowers into fun and unique vases.  For some, vases have sentimental value and we are happy to fill your special vase with our beautiful, fresh flowers for your special occasion.  Additionally, for themed parties, weather it is a children’s party, a vintage-themed party, an ethnic-themed party, some people prefer to use unique vases that are designed to coordinate with the particular theme.  Plus, it makes an arrangement a little bit more fun and out of the ordinary. Give us a call to see what alternate vase options we can provide you with! This unique vase, round donut shaped with black stones and orange orchids that curve around the vase Fun vases like this triangular square shaped glass vase filled with white hyacinths, orange roses, and green accents with green ribboning in the vase

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