Trick or Treat? Hair-Raising Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on October 28, 2011

Halloween is a holiday that gives you permission to let your inner child run wild, whether it means dressing up like a zombie prom-queen or buying giant bags of candy “for the kids.” As adults, we really shouldn’t go door to door begging for candy, but we can treat ourselves to a different treat: gorgeous, ghoulish Halloween flower arrangements!

Frightful Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

Our “Midnight Glow” Halloween flower arrangement creates the look of a haunted forest. It features bright mango callas and deep aubergine, practically black “Schwarzwalder” callas combined with black scabiosas, brown, snake-like fiddleheads (also known as monkey tails – to me, a much more disturbing name), and twigs.


More Spooky Halloween Centerpiece Ideas:

Surprise your adult friends with their own special Halloween Treat this October, and create your own Halloween flower arrangement with these great Halloween centerpiece ideas:
  • Use Black vases or cauldrons.
  • Hollow out a pumpkin to use as a vessel; line the inside with cellophane, a plastic container, or a small vase.
  • Use rich autumn colors like orange and deep burgundy.
  • Find organic elements that harken your imagination to a haunted midnight landscape: bare twigs, fallen leaves, white bark.
  • Incorporate fun novelty Items like fake bugs, eyeballs or cobwebs into the Halloween flower arrangement so that the design is beautiful from far away, but up close – so creepy! (Get inspiration this spider-infested bouquet by Martha Stewart.)
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