Traditional Chinese Wedding Flowers: NYC Can Provide the Perfect Bouquet

Posted on March 10, 2011

According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. This year is traditionally associated with home and family, relationships, and peace, which makes it an especially symbolic year to be married! When planning a traditional Chinese wedding, it’s important to choose appropriate décor and arrangements just as you would choose an auspicious wedding date. The selection of wedding flowers in NYC is unmatched, so you’re sure to find many wedding flowers in NYC that will help bring good fortune to your marriage. wedding flowers nyc

Chinese Wedding Flowers NYC: Keeping in Theme

A traditional Chinese wedding should be full of vibrant red colors. Red is a lucky color, and the most popular choice at weddings. White, on the other hand, is a symbol of death in China. Avoid the kinds of white wedding flowers found at most American celebrations, such as white roses or lilies. When picking wedding flowers in NYC for a Chinese traditional wedding, choose deep reddish hues instead. There are several flowers that carry particularly positive meanings in Chinese culture, which can be ideal choices for bouquets and wedding flowers in NYC:
  • Peonies are a spring flower, and symbolize rebirth. They are also plentiful and easy to find, which will make planning for your wedding a little easier.
  • Daffodils are another spring flower that also represents rebirth as well as change, which can be particularly fitting for a wedding flower.
  • Hydrangeas are symbols that express love, gratitude, and enlightenment. It is said that when watching the flower, one can get lost in the multitude of petals, encouraging enlightenment.
  • Orchids are emblems of fertility, as well as abundance and higher growth. They are incredibly elegant, exotic flowers that look beautiful in wedding arrangements.

The Most Symbolic Chinese Wedding Flower

Lotus blossoms are the most virtuous and inspiring flower symbols in Chinese culture, and represent many of the ideals of ancient Buddhism: harmony, purity, and power. They come in multiple colors, but a red or pink lotus will bestow the most good fortune as wedding flowers in NYC. Visit our wedding section for a consultation, and look through our selection of beautiful wedding flowers in NYC to find the perfect meaningful blossoms for your next occasion.

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