The Time Is Near For Holiday Office Decorations

Posted on October 9, 2009

Holiday Office Decorations For, Well, Your Office Are Wonderful Things

Everyone knows the holidays are near when they spot the holiday office decorations around their desks, PCs, conference tables, and maybe even personal refrigerators.  The possible lights along the doors and walls are also dead giveaways of the coming celebrations. But is this holiday office decorating executed appropriately?  Is the office looking too much like a scene from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?  Or is more like something Scrooge would appreciate in its barrenness?  What follows is a small but hopefully useful set of rules that will help you and your office to avoid these extremes and create a pleasant holiday work environment that is neither flamboyant nor desolate.  Holiday office decorations can and do reach a happy middle ground-it just takes a little bit of work and perception to get there. holiday-office-decorations2

Have Holiday Office Decorations That Are Holiday-Neutral

With holiday office decorating, it is important to remember that everyone in the workplace comes from various cultural backgrounds, and so a preference for one set of holiday colors over another is not likely to resonate with everyone (which is who the holidays ought to be about anyway).  You may consider selecting a color scheme that's appropriate, creative and festive but not specific to a certain holiday.  You may incorporate, for example, blue and white for Hanukkah and red and green for Christmas to look wonderful, but other options have to be kept in mind. One fine example of a neutral color scheme for holiday office decorating is gold and silver; it looks lovely, reminds everyone of the holiday season, and yet is not oriented toward a definite holiday!  It's a complete win-win strategy. holiday-season-office-decorations1

Edible Holiday Office Decorations Are Always Nice

Perhaps the above statement goes without saying when it comes to holiday office decorating, but it never hurts to reiterate well-established truths from time to time.  The tradition of filling the office with bowls full of sweets is always a delightful option (although in this case, you can have too much of a good thing).  However, you can also provide healthier options for your coworkers/employees, as well as a better aesthetic experience, by having various fruits in the bowls instead.  These are sure to be appreciated by those trying to watch their candy-intake.

Last But Never Least:  Flowers for Holiday Office Decorating

This is the icing on the cake that is holiday office decorations.  The benefits of holiday office decorations will do wonders in the realm of holiday cheer.  Have a look around our website, including our holiday décor ideas, and decide for yourself which arrangements will suit your holiday office decoration needs best; and be sure to keep the abovementioned advice in mind. And Happy Holidays! holiday-decorations-for-office holiday-office-tree-decorations holiday-office-decoratingholiday-office-white-poinsetta1holiday-office-wreath holiday-tree-office-decorations1

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