The Perfect Secretary Day Gift - Gorgeous, Long Lasting Flowers

Posted on April 26, 2011

day-gifts" src="" alt="Flowers are perfect Secretary's Day gifts." width="225" height="300" /> Is there an administrative professional in your New York office whom you rely on every day? Don’t hesitate to show him or her your appreciation for their work this year with a Secretary’s Day gift! Formally known as Administrative Professional’s Day, Secretary’s Day is observed on the last Wednesday in April to show appreciation for the work of secretaries and other administrative support professionals. Originally observed as National Secretaries Week, it has become a globally recognized event. Don’t know what to get as a Secretary’s Day gift? A beautiful flower arrangement is perfect! More tangible than gift certificates and more personal than cards, flowers and NYC flower deliveries are great gifts to highlight how much you appreciate the support of your administrative assistants.

Choosing a Secretary’s Day Gift:

Since it’s an office environment, Secretary’s Day gifts should be professional and tasteful. Avoid flowers linked to romance, such as roses. Look for flower arrangements containing long-lasting flowers, so that a bouquet gifted on Monday can last all the way through the week! Orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, and alstroemeria flowers have long vase lives. For an extra flash, look for bouquets containing tropical Bird of Paradise flowers.

The Best Secretary’s Day Gift of All?

The best Secretary’s Day gift of all is time off! Consider using a bouquet of flowers to offer your administrative assistant the afternoon off. Here’s a sample card to accompany your NYC flower delivery:
“Happy Administrative Assistant’s Day! We appreciate everything you do to help keep things going smoothly around here. Enjoy the day off, and thanks for all your hard work!”

Administrative assistants work hard to help you do your best all year, so it’s a wonderful gesture to show them your appreciation with a Secretary’s Day gift. To order flowers for Secretary’s Day, visit our Professional Secretaries Week section and choose the perfect arrangement for NYC flower delivery.

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