The Glitz and Glamour Gift Combination for Fall

Posted on October 20, 2011

Unique Jewelry Gifts Inspired by Nature

unique-jewelry-gifts The days are growing shorter, the mornings are crisp and cool, and the leaves are beginning to change from green to the gold. In autumn, everything becomes jewel-toned. Thus, the inspiration for our wonderful new jewelry gift basket combinations! For Big Apple Florist’s delightful new fall promotion, we are collaborating with Maya J. Jewelry to bring you the perfect unique jewelry gift combination for the autumn season: the “Glitz and Glamour” Collection. Show someone just how fabulous they are with a pair of gorgeous earrings combined with a beautiful floral arrangement in coordinating jewel tones!

Unique Jewelry Ideas and Gift Baskets

glitz-glamour-jewelry-gift-basketsThe color combinations in these unique jewelry gifts are a feast for the eyes, and the jewels remain enduring symbols of your feelings long after the flowers fade.

Fall Sunset & Deep PurpleDeep burgundy amaryllis and Cymbidium orchids, Amethyst hydrangea, and warm “Cherry Brandy” roses are paired with deep purple stones to create a luxurious, romantic and rich combination.

Purple gems are a power stone worn to give strength, focus, and energy.

Over Easy & CitrineButtery yellow roses and germinis, fiery orange ranunculus, and pure white Phalaenopsis orchids are paired with amber citrine stones, calling to mind the autumn landscape of golden leaves against a bright crisp clear sky with just a few fluffy white clouds.

The citrine has been called the "stone of the mind” and wearing citrine is said to increase self esteem, protect against negative energy, open the mind to new thoughts, and promote clarity of thought.

Snow White & JadeCreamy white hydrangea, roses, mini calla lilies and cocoa-colored rudbeckia accented with glossy green and brown suede magnolia leaves are paired with dark green jade colored quartz.

For many, autumn represents a fresh start – a return to focus from the laziness of summer. This gorgeous gift combo is a clean new white page combined with a bold glossy green leaf. Crisp and fresh like a brisk autumn morning.

Send one of these unique jewelry gifts full of glorious autumn color and energy today by visiting and checking out our “Glitz and Glamour” Collection. You can also give us a call at 212-687-3434 to order. About the Maya J. Collection The Maya J Collection was created around the philosophy that women should have the freedom and inspiration to symbolize their life’s journey through jewelry. The unique jewelry pieces are meant to be layered and personalized, encouraging the wearer to build a collection of jewelry that tells their story. The earrings featured in our fall “Glitz and Glamour” collection are part of Maya J’s “Hot Rocks” collection.  “Hot Rocks” brings focus to the beautiful color and simplicity of the gems, and the “rocks” framed by sparkling vermeil make a clean, organic statement that is just gorgeous. Check out “Hot Rocks” and Maya J.’s other wonderful designs.

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