Teal Blue Hydrangeas at Shellback's Rum Cup at NYC's Pier 25

Posted on June 21, 2013

Recently, we had the amazing opportunity to provide the event flowers for Shellback’s Rum Cup at NYC’s Pier 25 on Hudson River Park. Because of the theme of the event and the location, we thought it appropriate to decorate table centerpieces with teal blue hydrangea arrangements!

How We Managed to Achieve the Perfect Teal Blue for our Hydrangea Arrangements

shellback-rum-cup-nycWhen some florists hear the word “blue” they start to panic and scramble for possible alternatives that are close but not entirely blue—perhaps a blue-ish violet or two. Some florists may experience difficulty providing the right blue for a special event like the Shellback Rum Cup of NYC. Maybe they’ll try to drop strong hints with their clients, like “That blue is sooo last season, wouldn’t you rather have something – anything—lovelier? We could try a pink or red!”

Luckily, for those hosting Hudson River Park Pier 25 events—or any other occasion for that matter—Big Apple Florist has creative solutions to providing you with the perfect high end flowers for your special day.

After receiving the request for blue flowers at this year’s Shellback Rum Cup in New York City, we began to brainstorm the perfect flower arrangement. When the inventory of blue bells, lobelias, bachelor buttons or other common blue flowers didn’t quite match the specified shade of teal requested for the occasion, we decided we had to have teal blue hydrangeas!
  • We first gathered a large selection of hydrangeas to be used as centerpieces at every table
  • Then we spray painted them all the perfect shade of teal—that’s right, teal blue hydrangeas
  • We used Manila rope as a base for each set of flowers, rather than a vase; this added a nautical theme and a suggestion of elegance
  • Each table was also draped with a white sheet, not just the top part, and the tables were also cinched with a rope, another nautical design strategy

teal-blue-hydrangea-flowers-nycShellback Rum Cup: NYC Audience Reacts to Hydrangea Centerpieces at Pier 25

You guessed it, the centerpieces were a hit! Guests at the Pier 25 Hudson River Park soiree enjoyed the teal blue hydrangeas as they were the perfect touch of ornamentation. Even if those in attendance knew nothing of flowers or the secret coloring process, it was quite obvious that the teal blue hydrangeas and rope accessories, which nicely matched the event’s theme, were much appreciated. Those at Pier 25 during the Rum Cup were certainly impressed and perhaps even perplexed, wondering “How did they find such an exotic color in such a large quantity?!” We want to thank SKA events for helping us to add the finer touches to this year’s Shellback Rum Cup. NYC events are a pleasure to decorate and we would be pleased to assist with any events or special occasions that might be approaching in your near future. We offer options like same day delivery and a variety of rare and exotic flowers. Contact us online or give us a call at 212-687-3434.

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