Tall Flower Arrangements Perfect for Weddings

Posted on December 9, 2010

Weddings are a fabulous time for relatives and friends alike to mingle and catch up. Many families find that due to scheduling and travel restrictions, the only time they see each other anymore is at a family get together. So, it’s very important that there’s nothing standing between your guests that might prevent an easy-flowing dialogue.  No-one wants to try and peek around a centerpiece to make eye contact.

This is where tall flower arrangements come in. When coupled with a tall, slim vase, these centerpieces will provide all the elegance and beauty you’re looking for, with none of the bulky distraction of an eye-level display.


This tall flower arrangement of pink orchids with long green stems in a small round vase with bark sticks and floating black rocks

Bringing the Focus Up with Tall Flower Centerpieces

One option for a stunning tall flower arrangement is to use slender trumpet vases (which are actually shaped like a trumpet) filled with a full bouquet of roses which have been trimmed of their stems. In place of the stems, put a delicate trailing vine of ivy for a simple, yet striking look. Or consider a thicker “fat” trumpet vase and create the same focal point at the top with yellow and white roses, white lilies with just a tinge of yellow, big sprigs of lemon leaf and fill the base of this vase with some lemons & limes. It creates a crisp, fresh look that evokes memories of childhood summers and careless days. Another beautiful design to fill the bottom of a slim vase with clear or black crystals and anchor several  simple sprigs of Hawaiian orchids to float gently in the water. Then have a bouquet mixed with birds of paradise, anthurium, heliconia or protea for that tropical look…creating a look that’s both classic and elegant.

This tall flower arrangment with red, pink, and white roses and green ribbon accents in a square vase with green stones is perfect for weddings

Although its full blooms are naturally heavy, some wiring will help Hydrangeas to make a dramatic, tall flower arrangement. Making sure your vase is extra tall (say, 18” or so) will give it a polished look and will help to support your floral design. Tall birch tree branches make a dramatic centerpiece and can be paired with hanging votives for a spectacular effect. For a truly awe-inspiring look, consider fully submerging your white tulips or white Calla Lilies completely and anchoring them at the base with crystals…then complete the look with a floating candle on the top.  You can create several columns of different heights and include different types of flowers (in the same color palette) for a mesmerizing special effect that will wow your guests. Although the idea of submerging flowers may sound far-fetched to some, the trend has been around for several years. Consider adding some sand, shells, polished rocks and maybe a starfish to the base of an unusually-shaped vase and using light, airy orchids (a submerged flower favorite) for a summer-themed, romantic look.

Designs in Bloom with Tall Flowers

No matter which design you choose, creating a show-stopping tall flower arrangement for your wedding is only limited by your imagination. Thinking outside the box is absolutely recommended.

Orange-pink row of flowers with sprigs of branches and green accents is a great tall flowers arrangements centerpieces

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