Surf’s Up: Summer Flower Arrangements Inspired by NYC Beaches

Posted on July 14, 2012

summer flower arrangementsDid you ever notice how the best shower you ever have is the shower after a long day on the beach. You come out and put on your lightest most comfortable clothes, and splash on the most refreshing eau de cologne. I always feel compelled to put on some make-up and wear lots of groovy silver jewelry – something about a day at the beach makes me want to be extra sparkly. The question is – “how can I maintain this sort of enthusiasm on Wednesday when I am trapped at my desk?” The answer: “Colors.”

How to Carry the Colors of the Beach With You Everyday

beach colored nail polish
  • Stop wearing black. Just stop. I know you’re a New Yorker, and although you look cool and slim –you make everyone feel depressed. Wear white and turquoise and orange – pretend you are on a cruise everyday of the summer!
  • Embrace Nail Polish – Cool Ocean Blue, Soothing Mermaid Green, Refreshing Clementine and Wet Watermelon – look at your happy fingers briskly typing away on the keyboard. Colorful fingers are busy fingers!
  • Bring on the sparkles – look sun-kissed. Try a quick dash of bronzer. My favorite is Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick. I put it on and I look like I went on vacation – insta-suntan. Wear dangly fun earrings and bangles that tinkle when you walk. Be like the sand and the ocean and reflect sunlight wherever you walk.

How to Give the Colors of the Beach Away: Flower Delivery!

Another way to bring summer colors back from the beach? Summer flower arrangements! With flower deliveries from our NYC studio, our team at Big Apple Florist can send you and your beach buddies something to lighten and brighten your week and remind you of the seashore.mirror mirror summer flower arrangement A staff favorite is “Mirror, Mirror” which combines refreshing blues, greens, and lavenders with a gorgeous reflective silver vase. It’s a wonderful keepsake ready for future flowers, or a gorgeous cachepot for a lovely green plant. Check out our summer flower arrangements online or give us a call at the studio, (212) 687-3434 for your own summer flower delivery in NYC!

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