Summer Wedding Flowers At The Foundry

Posted on June 22, 2009

The Foundry Long Island City for a Beautiful Summer Wedding

Hello my friends, This is Abu and, as Ashley so eloquently introduced me in the last post, I am one of the floral designers at Big Apple Florist. I am so thrilled to be able to have this time with you. Summer wedding flowers are some of our favorites.  We wanted to take this time to show to you some photographs of a summer wedding we recently finished working on that made us all very happy here.

Summer Wedding Flowers for Our Bride and Groom

The bride and groom are a lovely couple named Itzik and Maria. They were both delightful to work with and overall, both just really fun people. They wanted their summer wedding to be a big party, where all their guests could just have a good time, be happy and nothing too traditional.  Like many wedding couples, by the time they could talk to us, they had already decided on the date and the location of the wedding reception, the guest list, etc. which was perfect because we had a real starting off point.

The Foundry is the Perfect Summer Wedding Venue

wedding-reception-flowers The summer wedding festivities were to be held at The Foundry in Long Island City. It is a great space, both beautiful and modern, and many of our clients have had weddings there, so while we knew the space, I still like to meet our clients there and feel their own personal reactions based on their desires and their own personalities. When I went over there with the happy couple, I was immediately inspired by the interesting textures of brick and metal of the venue. The high ceilings and the use of all the spaces also had to be pulled together into one cohesive feeling. The look played off of the modern and fun vibe of this couple. For them, one of the things that stuck out in my  mind the most was the railings that lined the place. I knew that they had to be a key feature. Marias favorite color in the whole world is yellow so it was very important to include that in both her summer wedding flowers and the décor. Yellow, coincidentally is a warm and wonderful color to help express their  happiness, and the beautiful  time of year  as both would play into design of the summer wedding as

The Personality of  Summer Wedding Flowers

Full of inspiration, I immediately got to work and started making summer wedding flower samples for the Bride and Groom . I like to work with flowers types that I think will represent the space and the couple's personality. Every flower truly does have its own personality just like people and matching them up is an intuitive skill: wedding-table-centerpieces White phalaenopsis Orchid became a point of inspiration as they were perfect! This fine orchid is white with yellow insides; very very beautiful! The white, of course, reminds everyone of a wedding and the yellow, a perfect summer wedding flower color, was already definite as the accent color we decided to work with. Yellow callas were also worked in for their clean lines and dramatic effects. Orange ranunculus added additional vibrancy and a softness. White hydrangea were full and lushand yellow pin cushion added shots of pure sunny color.

One of this Summer Wedding's biggest challenges was making the Wedding Chuppa

What posed the greatest difficulty in the Chuppa, was the cloth sides with a heavy top flower.  Building of the legs of the Chuppa was very very hard because the fabric needed to be wrapped, perfectly straight, tight and spotless to give that angelic feel while keeping it modern and clean   I also had to insert the lighting inside so that it would illuminate throughout, for what is the reason to have such beauty if no one can see it?.  The top of the Chuppa was built one piece at a time, so we started with a plank and began adding flowers one layer at a time.


When we arrived onsite, I still had to use strings to balance the front of the Chuppa so it didn't fall over on our guests or the bride and groom! Sometimes being a floral designer means that I have to know both construction and engineering too! Needless to say, everything stayed together just as it should and without a doubt, the finished summer wedding look was extremely successful!


Just as the bride and groom wished, all the guests had a wonderful time and everyone at the party loved the Phals. I very much enjoyed overhearing the guests speak of the summer wedding flowers and so I know people thought the pieces were extremely creative. It gives me great joy to have been part of Itzik and Maria's special day and assisting them in their happiness by designing their summer wedding flowers is a definite benefit of my position here.

I know this summer wedding was only the beginning of a long and happy life for them!

I hope you enjoy our work here for Itzik and Maria's summer wedding and can find some inspiration for your own floral masterpieces. Much regards to you, Abu "The Floral Guru" Please feel free to enjoy or find your own inspiration from all the photographs of this lovely New York summer wedding below! [gallery columns="2" orderby="ID"]

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