Spruce up your corporate office with weekly flower arrangements!

Posted on March 9, 2016

The very simple key to gaining an edge in today’s global marketplace is very simple indeed - a comfortable, appreciated, happy work force will provide more productive gains than their less-than looked after peers. Research on corporate productivity has shown that flexible work schedules, physical activity, and reaching objectives as a team can provide workplace efficiency. But, could there be a much simpler, and albeit more attractive option that takes less corporate resources and effort? As it turns out, there is, and it’s flowers and plants that are the key to producing better moods, creativity, and innovation especially in the workplace. Why are weekly flower arrangements beneficial to your office? Research has linked indoor flowers and plants with general overall well being for years now. Weekly flower arrangements in the office provide several key benefits; lower blood pressure and pulse, less anxiety, fatigue and general positive psychological effects. In the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” published in 2009, Terry Hartig explores how indoor flowers in plants actually raised cognitive performance in corporate settings. Hartig’s study also successfully identified what types of plants and flowers provided what type of additional benefits. Green plants have been linked to higher creativity, while a ficus plant may lower feelings of anxiousness in the office.


  How is mood affected by fresh weekly flower arrangements and office plants? Research has definitely shown that fresh weekly flower arrangements, and office plants can increase overall mood for your employees. The visual effect of a floral arrangement in an office setting has a calming, warm physiological effect, but what get’s mentioned less is the subtle effects of the aroma’s given off from a fresh weekly flower arrangement. Can weekly flower arrangements and office plants make your employees more creative? Fresh floral arrangements, and office plants have been proven to boost creativity, and ingenuity in employees. One research study conducted by Texas A&M proved conclusively that fresh flowers and plants in the workplace demonstrated in women and men alike deeper, innovative thinking and creative solutions facing their respective companies. While it is less conclusive, there was also a part of the study that demonstrated that overall health and air quality was improved in these office setting studies as well. Weekly Flower Arrangement / Office Plants Action Plan: Below are a few suggestions in how you can incorporate weekly flower arrangements, and office plants into your corporate, or small-medium business office. Keep fresh flower arrangements on office desks - Having a plant or flower arrangement on your employee’s desks has been proven to improve employee experience, bolster creativity and innovation, and lower feelings of anxiousness. Fresh floral arrangements and plants in office common areas - In lobbies, break rooms or common rooms, hallways. When your employees walk into the office, and about the office, having fresh floral arrangements and office plants will not only increase productivity, but overall staff mood.   Get plant maintenance - Living flowers and plants will not last in an office setting without constant, professional care on a weekly basis. It is suggested with any corporate flower / plant delivery that maintenance be undertaken as well from your floral / plant provider. While beautiful, healthy flowers and plants are a wonderful addition to any office, dead or dying plants are not!

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