Spring Wedding: Bouquets, Flower Arrangements & Other Wedding Ideas

Posted on March 19, 2013

Spring is approaching and that means spring flower arrangements and spring time flowers. Spring also means wedding season! So to all you brides to be out there, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect spring wedding bouquets for you and your lovely bridesmaids. Spring is the start of so many great things coming up.  Spring break trips, bucket lists, Easter and wedding season. With the warmer weather in bloom, we get to enjoy fresh, spring flowers. Flowers perfect for decorating your NYC home or office with spring flower arrangements, or for beautiful, spring wedding bouquets.spring-wedding-bouquets

Prepare for Your Spring Wedding: Bouquets, Photo Booths and More!

Coming from a blogger who is also a Bridesmaid veteran (after October, I will have been in 7 weddings), ‘tis the season to start planning those special days!  Starting from the invitations, to food tasting, to thank you cards, to spring wedding bouquets, to the first dance music, there is a lot to think about for your special day.  Take a look at some trending new ways to make every detail that much better at your spring time wedding celebration:
  • An outdoorsy, earthy feel—People have gone as far as using tree stumps as their coffee tables and antlers as chandeliers.  If you don’t want to get that crazy, stick with burlap and beiges, mixed with a little blush pink and some simple spring flower arrangements with subtle, neutral colors.
  • spring-wedding-bouquets
  • Photo booth—Face it, it has been everyone’s guilty pleasure to jump in a photo booth at a spring time wedding wearing a silly hat and a moustache with your date or some friends. Photo booths are a great way to capture the night.
  • The “English Garden” theme—We are all attracted to romantic, fresh-picked, spring flower arrangements that have been hand-picked from a garden of a grand estate.  Then, add that smell of hydrangea, garden roses, and ranunculus. Nothing screams natural beauty more than this combination for fresh, floral wedding bouquets.
  • Peonies—The flower of the year, hands down.  Luckily, before that special day, Big Apple Florist has fresh peonies perfect for creating custom spring flower arrangements for you to send to any sweetie, friend, or coworker this time of year.
  • Initiations—Some invitation ideas that have taken over the wedding industry are using neons, patterns, and 3 dimensional designs to make the invite pop!  Your invitation is sure to be front and center on every guest’s fridge!
  • Food trucks—I was recently in Prospect Park and couldn’t believe how many food trucks were lined up along the park. Delicious foods, drinks, and desserts that allow everyone to choose their own food, perfect for even the picky eaters!
  • Dessert bars—enough said.
  • The iPod Generation—By a click of the thumb, we are able to listen to Motown, to Nelly, to Mumford and Sons, with a little bit of Frank Sinatra mixed in.  Couples are requesting that their playlist be customized by spicing it up with a live musician and then a DJ to get the party started…together.
So, to all you wedding planners, brides to be and spring-time lovers out there: I hope this blog is getting those wheels spinning and should allow you to ponder some interesting ways to decorate with spring flower arrangements, eat plentifully, and boogie your way for a fabulous 2013 spring time wedding. For help planning your spring time wedding or if you’re interested in professionally arranged, fresh, spring wedding bouquets, contact us online to see what we can do for you, or call us at 212-687-3434. We'd love to hear from you!!


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