Spotlight On: Fiddle Leaf Figs

Posted on October 17, 2014

In honor of our surprisingly tropical October weather in NYC this week, we thought it would be a great time to spotlight a favorite among us here at Big Apple; the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Its broad shaped leaves and ability to lend interesting texture to sunny rooms is why it ranks so high in our hearts.  A native plant of Western Africa, think Cameroon, this plant is now used in tropical and subtropical outdoor gardens and as an indoor plant in more temperate jungles, like NYC.

fiddle_leaf_fig_big_apple_floristPhoto source: Abode Love

  The Fiddle Leaf Fig has a slight reputation for being finicky but with the right care can make an exceptional addition to a room. The most important piece of care instructions being its lighting needs. Indirect light is best as these originated as epiphytes; plants that grow in and around another mature plant,up high towards the light but still shaded by its leaves. While the Fiddle Leaf Fig is accustomed to a moist tropical environment, like with most house plants, it is important that the pot has proper drainage to ensure that it does not sit in unused water where it can develop root rot or suffer leaf drop. You can mist the leaves to replicate the humid environment and minimize watering to when the soil is dry to the touch a few inches in. It is important to also keep the plant free of dust to allow for maximum breath-ability and absorption of light. Fertilizer should be used sparingly and not at all during winter months. If you need help caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, or would like to get one for your space; contact our plant specialists today and we would be happy to help you start your Fiddle Leaf Fig affair.

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