Sparkling Hanukkah Flowers & Decoration Ideas

Posted on December 22, 2011

hanukkah-decorations-dreidel Hanukkah, known as the “Festival of Light,” begins this week. Each night during Hanukkah, the menorah is lit to celebrate the re-dedication of the Great Temple of Jerusalem after the successful Maccabee Revolt, and the miracle that occurred when the priests lit the menorah for eight days with only a single day’s supply of oil. Hanukkah is a perfect opportunity to celebrate victory, tradition and faith. Here at Big Apple Florist, we’ve been brainstorming to create fun, festive Hanukkah decorations to accent your celebration. Here are some tips for highlighting your table using Hanukkah flowers this holiday season:

Using Hanukkah Flowers to Decorate the Table

  • Color-coordinate. Start with the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue, white and silver - use a vibrant sky blue tablecloth with a crisp white or shiny silver lamé runner.
  • Add floral accents. Fill silver or white vessels with creamy white Hanukkah flowers, fresh green foliage, and accents of silver ribbon.
  • Design with candles. Create a sparkling tableau with multiple pillar candles in varying heights, or a series of vases alternating floating Hanukkah flowers with floating candles.
  • Add texture. Use fun symbols of the holiday like gelt and dreidels to add color and break up the table. Attach names to them for fun place cards, or sprinkle them along the center of the table to add sparkle.
hanukkah-flowers hanukkah-decorations-flowers

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Best wishes for a Happy Hanukkah full of warmth, light and love!

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