“Something Blue”: Choosing a Truly Blue Bridal Bouquet

Posted on August 23, 2011

Glorious, elusive blue flowers; only a few blooms naturally have the prized “true blue” color. It reminds us of clear sunny skies, cheerful breezy days, and sparkling seas. Energizing yet calming, blue is a favorite color for many brides who are cho osing their wedding flowers. blue wedding flowers nyc Morning Glories from my porch in Brooklyn.

Many brides request blue wedding flowers and blue bridal bouquets in NYC in order to incorporate “something blue” into their bridal color palette - one of the traditional good-luck tokens a bride should carry on her way down the aisle that symbolizes love, modesty, and fidelity.

Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Unfortunately, a flower with the true deep blue color is hard to find during certain times of year. Brides should keep in mind the seasonality for certain flowers when planning their blue bridal bouquets.

Choosing Seasonal Blue Wedding Flowers:

Summertime brides can include include lovely hydrangeas (such as those pictured below), regal delphinium, and bright thistle flowers in their blue bridal bouqets. In the late winter and early spring, hyacinth and lavender-like muscari are the best choices for truly blue bridal bouquets in NYC. (A note on designing blue bridal bouquets: floral designers often translate blue as a purple or lavender shade, so if be sure to let your floral designer know if you are looking for "true blue.") blue bridal bouquet nyc To find more ideas, inspiration, and examples of gorgeous blue bridal bouquets, visit our Wedding Gallery & Slideshow. If you're thinking of something in particular, we'd love to help you create your ideal bridal bouquet! Just give us a call at 212-687-3434 to schedule a consultation with one of our award-winning NYC floral designers, and we'll help you make your wedding dream a reality.

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