Single Flower & Color Arrangements: Subtle Variety

Posted on May 14, 2010

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to new trends in floral arrangements: single flower arrangements and single color flower arrangements.  Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two!

Single color flower arrangement of carnations and roses in pink hues

Single Flower Arrangements:  One Flower Simplicity

What is distinctive about single flower arrangements?  When you combine one type of flower, the arrangements become something else, something more than what the flower would be on its own.  For example, take a look at cymbidium orchids.  Usually, cymbidium orchids are interspersed throughout arrangements and are already a beautiful, high quality flower, but when they are combined to make one solid single flower arrangement, it sometimes appears as though it is a different flower than what it actually is.  Effortlessly, it becomes more complex.

Single flower arrangement of white roses in a bouquet

Single Color Flower Arrangements, Bouquets & Centerpieces

Single color flower arrangements are clean, classic, simple, and always a preference among our customers.  With single col0r flower arrangements, oftentimes our floral designers use different flowers to add an element of texture and to make the flower arrangement subtly unique and special.  People will want to take a closer look at what flowers the arrangement is composed of.  It is then that they will realize the level of detail and quality that was given to the single color flower arrangement.

Single Flower Centerpiece of simple green foliage in a clear vase

Single flower table centerpiece arrangement of delicate white flowers in a white vase

Flower Arrangements Designed for You

Single flower arrangements and single color flower arrangements are a nice alternative to the usual mixture of colors and flowers.  While all options are beautiful, sometimes it is nice to present a lovely flower bouquet or table centerpiece that exemplified a new concept of either single color or single flower arrangements.  When you order your next arrangement of flowers, consider these two options.

Single flower bouquet of white calla lillies held by the bride

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