Shake Post-Holiday Blues with Weekly Flower Deliveries of Living Color!

Posted on January 10, 2012

I’m already in post-New Year’s mode: I’ve blown all my resolutions of not worrying, not being late, not eating and drinking too much (yes, I am aware that it’s only been a week). Depressed and disgusted last week, I knew I needed help transforming my attitude or it was going to be a long year. As I entered the store this morning, my day was immediately transformed. One of the first things I saw were buckets and buckets of gorgeous Mozart Calla Lilies destined for delivery to offices all around Manhattan. The focal flower of my own wedding bouquet, those Mozart Callas reminded me of the joyful day that inspired me to become a florist, and I was instantly grateful for my husband and my job. Awesome.

weekly-flower-delivery-calla In this spirit, I looked around at all the other amazing flowers here at Big Apple Florist this week. This week the color theme for most of our corporate weekly flower deliveries will be a smooth and serene peach, so the space is filled with “Apple Blossom” Amaryllis, Peach Germini, Quince Blossoms, “Versilia” Roses, “Salmon Queen” Anthurium and amazing ”Coco Yoko” Hypericum Berries (which look like tiny peaches, good enough to eat).

weekly-flower-delivery-coco-yoko weekly-flower-delivery-corsican-rose Another exciting discovery was Helleborus Argutifolius, a wonderful spring green flower. Also know as the “Corsican Rose,” it is what I would call a ‘flower lover’s’ flower. It has many soft, clustered blossoms and a fuzzy yellow-green center. It is a perfect partner to all the soft peach blossoms of this week’s corporate flower arrangements –cool and refreshing, like a bowl of sherbet.

Almost wrapped up and ready to go was a lovely corporate flower arrangement of “Renown” French Tulips and deep burgundy “Sumatra” Oriental Lilies, which also have a heady scent. The rich color of the lilies is luxury itself.

weekly-flower-delivery-sumatran-lily It seems I just need to remember to stop and smell the roses (or callas!), and think about all the things I’m grateful for for in order to bring me back to the present. Today, I realized that I’m most grateful for my life with flowers, which can warm even the coldest day, make a boring desk a party, and have an amazing ability to focus and inspire! To freshen up your own perspective this January, come visit our studio, call us, or order your own weekly flower delivery online for a fabulous burst of blossoms to tackle the January blues. Here at Big Apple, we’re looking forward to a fun year of posting about the amazing world of flowers and plants! Happy New Year.

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