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Posted on July 18, 2017

Sending someone flowers is often an impulse of good cheer, sympathy or for some, a last minute gesture of love. With same day flower delivery, instinct can turn immediate by simply calling Big Apple Florist.

Garden fresh flowers are swiftly at the door or desk of a family member, co-worker or maybe that special someone you had an amazing date with the night before. With the convenience of a quick phone call you can order a NYC flower delivery of fragrant sprawling orchids, keepsake potted plants, traditional roses, seasonal bouquets and a variety of other options.

Same day flower delivery NYC is a convenience that easily fits into your hectic schedule for that special someone or surprise occasion when time is of the essence.  

A Popular Choice

Receiving flowers is more popular than ever before.

A recent study conducted by Floral Management an industry periodical and published by the Flower Shop Network cited a growing appreciation for flowers amongst Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers alike.

According to the study,

“73 percent of consumers now have a higher appreciation of flowers, a significant increase in appreciation compared to 2009. (66 percent) This increase was driven by a much stronger appreciation among Generation Y (60 percent in 2009 compared to 76 percent in 2016) and Generation X (64 percent; 73 percent). Appreciation has remained consistent among Baby Boomers, at 72 percent)”

In a another study posted by Bachman’s, a Minneapolis flower service,

“...researchers measured how feelings changed when participants had flowers in their homes. In the initial interview, interviewers asked the participants to evaluate their feelings over the past two to four days to assess their overall, general feelings. Then, several days after the gift was delivered (about 10 days after the first interview) participants were interviewed again to measure changes in feelings related to having flowers in the home.”

All participants in the study reported positive feelings and moods upon receiving and enjoying their flower delivery over several weeks.

Stellar Service

When you spend your hard earned dollars it is no surprise that expecting the utmost, personal service should be the standard. However, most know that it is hit-or-miss when dealing with an array of companies that tout such service but often fall short of its promises.

Big Apple Florist is the exception, offering not only a wide selection of fresh cut, top-of-the-line flowers and floral arrangements but a staff that will cater to your individual requests. With a same day flower delivery option you get professionalism and quality products that easily surpass the competition.

No longer do you have to drudge through online forms and confusing inventory all while trying to decipher a salesperson that you can hardly understand. Big Apple Florist brings the ease of NYC flower delivery to you with simple, patient service walking you through every step of the way to get your intentions just right. It's not about the bottom line, it's about making you know that whatever the occasion, Big Apple Florist will be there for you at any time, even if it's same day delivery NYC.

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