Rain, Rain Go Away! Outdoor Landscape Design Dreams for May

Posted on May 25, 2012

/05/nyc-outdoor-landscape-morningglory.jpg" alt="nyc-outdoor-landscape-morningglory" width="247" height="247" />So…in February it was 70 degrees, in March it was 80 degrees, in April we wanted to plant all the summer flowers because it was so warm and sunny and perfect – until Earth Day, April 22 when we had torrential rain and cold disgusting weather, and sadly I feel that we haven’t really had 3 days of consistently gorgeous weather since. Too much dreary grayness puts me in a HORRIBLE PLACE. I hate my apartment. My laundry won’t dry. The store is damp and cold. All the outdoor landscapes and plants I see look verdantly green – but waterlogged and droopy – the spring flowers look like they are drowning. Enough with the cold and rain already! Let’s get spring and summer going again!

Georgeann’s Outdoor Landscape Design – IN PROGRESS

In an effort to squeeze the raindrops out of my mind, I want to update you on my own efforts to commit to a gorgeous garden in 2012. In March, I created a “to do” list of actions to enhance and improve my own small outdoor space. I wasn’t 100% successful at crossing off all my items, but I did plant up some joyful pansies in vibrant yellow, blue, and crisp white. I dead-headed the remains of the herb garden with almost immediate positive results. I found a bunch of old seeds that I neglected to plant last year, so I did a scientific experiment and planted them (and some of them grew!) I didn’t invest in new festive party lights and paint for Buddha yet (I’m broke), but it still looks awesome. Here are the results of just a little effort. These pictures were taken 2 weeks after the initial clean-up! Amazed at the growth rate – and this was before the rain came! outdoor-landscaping-nyc-pansy outdoor-landscaping-pansies outdoor-landscaping-nasturtium outdoor-landscaping-nyc-pansies My outdoor landscape design goals for May (when it stops raining) are the following:
  • Plant up an herb garden, so I can enjoy the taste and scent of fresh herbs all summer.
  • Plant masses of Morning Glories to hide my fence
  • Experiment with container garden concepts, to create interest and lasting winter beauty.
  • Really get Festive Party Lights
  • Really Paint Buddha –Turquoise or Purple or Chartreuse –something DIVINE

More Outdoor Landscape Designs in NYC:

Just prior to the flooding rains we did some lovely early spring plantings that serve as inspiration for my own outdoor patio. Here are some pictures of some outdoor landscape designs Big Apple Florist did in April for residential balconies and courtyard container garden! outdoor-landscaping-nyc-geraniums nyc-outdoor-landscape-design Wow. Just looking at those pictures improved my outlook! This week, rain or shine, Big Apple will be out there clearing away the winter gray and planting some summer color in residential and corporate landscape designs all around NYC. I invite you once again to send images of your landscaping efforts to us for inspiration – you can send them to georgeann (at) bigappleflorist.com, or leave a comment on this post. And don’t forget to get out and visit our cities parks and gardens at the peak of spring perfection! Contact Big Apple Florist online, or call us at (212) 687-3434 if you need help enhancing you outdoor outlook!

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