Quick Wedding Ideas: Last Minute Wedding Planning With Big Apple Florist

Posted on July 14, 2009

Two Success Stories In Two Days Thanks To Quick Wedding Planning

Sometimes weddings happen so quickly that the bride and groom really don't have a lot of time to plan.  Big Apple Florist is great with quick wedding ideas and this past weekend we were able to let our true colors shine!!   Below are two short stories of last minute wedding ideas from the weddings we had this past weekend. This last minute wedding idea from Big Apple Florist was developed with hours to spare

Studio 450; Saturday July 11th, 2009 - Quick Wedding Planning In Action

Thursday afternoon and my phone rang with a call from a Bride named Melonie. I had briefly chatted with her about 6 months earlier and she realized she totally forgot to plan her wedding flowers and needed some last minute wedding planning help.
Short notice is no problem for quick wedding planning with Big Apple Florist She remembered Big Apple Florist and gave us a ring in hope that we would be able to make her vision a reality on very short notice. After a 45-minute discussion over the phone I was able to e-mail Melonie some pictures of previous floral work and she emailed me images of stuff she collected. With last minute wedding ideas in mind, my flower buyer and designers were off and running. We ended up working with Green Cymbidium Orchids and some white rocks for the reception and we used mostly roses for the ceremony - the bride's favorite.  We played with color and used whites, creams and greens to accent the rich burgundy tones that her Bridesmaid wore.

The next day, we got on the phone with the caterer and started working out quick wedding plans in terms of delivery, set up, and possible rain solutions.

Once again the last minute wedding was pulled of with out a bump! The bride was thrilled and the caterer thought everything looked fabulous, which is always a complement as they go to weddings and events all the time.

St. John the Evangelist Church; Sunday, July 12th 2009; Flawless Last Minute Wedding Ideas

Recently, a groom walked into Big Apple Florist and was hoping that we could arrange some last minute wedding plans for his ceremony that was coming up in a week.  The wedding would be taking place at St. John the Evangelist in Manhattan followed by a reception at Merchants NY. With less than a week to plan, we came up with some quick wedding ideas that looked fantastic. The groom, Angel, had a specific vision in mind and wanted to surprise his bride with some spectacular flowers!  He told me that he wanted a very tropical look with purple phalaenopsis and green cymbidium orchids. Big Apple Florist last minute wedding planning has some amazing results After a brief meeting, I understood what he needed and relayed these quick wedding ideas to two of our very talented designers, Carlos and Jen. Our designers created the perfect vibrant summertime pieces for the wedding.  There was a lovely cascading bouquet for the bride and some tall and showy pieces for the church made of orchids, calla lilies, curly willow, hydrangea, and roses. The last minute wedding floral arrangements made a big impact in the ceremony and were able to be re-purposed at the bride & groom's reception nearby at Merchant's. Along with the vase arrangements at the reception, our designers also created some bud vases with black river rocks and green cymbidium orchids that were placed on each table along with votive candles.  This really tied the room together with a tropical accent that was not too overwhelming. Thanks to our last minute wedding ideas and quick wedding planning, both the ceremony and the reception were a big success!!!

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