Purple Wedding Flowers for Every Season

Posted on January 23, 2010

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Flowers for Weddings in Every Season

purple-flowers-exotic-luxury Purple wedding flowers are a trendy choice with a plethora of unique flowers to arrange with. The color purple is an exotic hue. No matter how many purple wedding flowers pictures you look at, it seems that each one reveals a striking image of beauty and splendor. Dark purple wedding flowers also exude luxury, similar to the sensation conveyed with dark purple velvet curtains. Let’s digress for just a moment and look at what purple wedding flowers may convey in symbolic terms. seasonal-purple-flowers Purple is a mix between hot red and cold blue, which creates a sense of balance. Historically, purple is often associated with nobility and power. Some say that if purple is your color of choice, you are sensitive and creative. It is said that purple helps to spur creativity and peace. When choosing purple flowers for weddings, there is so much room to use your imagination to create stunning arrangements for flowers.

Seasonal Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple wedding flowers come in a spectrum of tints including lavender, violet, lilacs and electric purples. If you’re interested in seasonal purple flowers for your wedding, below are some ideas to help you get started. purple-wedding-bouquet-flowers

Spring Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple flowers for your spring wedding are a delightful way to transition from the whiteness of winter months. At the same time, purple and white wedding flowers offer beautiful contrast. Some examples of spring purple wedding flowers include hyacinth, sweetpea, tulip and waxflower, which is a mix between pink and purple. Summer Purple Wedding Flowers In the summer months, purple is also a fashionable choice. The yellow sunshine and purple wedding flowers make for a bright and cheerful combination. Purple flowers that appear in the summer include freesia, English lavender, iris, hyndrangea, larkspur, lisianthus, matsumoto asters, monte casino asters and liatris (almost pink).

Fall and Year-Round Purple Wedding Flowers

For fall weddings, seasonal purple wedding flowers may include statice as well as sweetpea and tulips, as mentioned above. There are also several flowers that are found all year round, including delphinium, scabiosa and orchids. purple-wedding-flowers

Purple Wedding Bouquet Flowers

If you’re choosing purple wedding bouquet flowers, you can let your creativity blossom with all the purple wedding flowers out there. Check out our fresh floral wedding bouquets or search our flower gallery for more purple wedding flowers pictures. And if you’re feeling a little stressed from wedding preparations, you may also consider surrounding yourself with purple flowers to offer serenity or inspire you.

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