Pink Flowers & Bouquets

Posted on March 9, 2010

Pink Flowers

hot-pink-wedding-bouquets Pink flowers are a romantic and amiable choice as winter thaws and spring romance fills the air.  The color pink symbolizes gentleness and admiration and is often associated with femininity and fertility.  From the palest and most subtle pink to fiery hot pinks, pink flowers can convey a range of feelings and sentiment.  Pink floral arrangements are a stylish choice for the everyday, or for that special occasion.  There are a multitude of flowers available in pink.  Some of our favorites are unique and distinct pink flowers that commingle a variety of shades and tonal ranges. Pink Hydrangea’s are a tricky flower to grow and conditions must be perfect for them to change and maintain their pink coloration.  For this reason, they can have an array of variance even within a single petal creating texture and character.   Expressing love, gratitude and enlightenment, these pink flowers, with their globe shape, are worldly and sensual. pink-floral-arrangementsPink Anemone’s are robust and animated and can bring a lighthearted spirit to any environment.  Often referred to as the wind flower, because it is believed that the wind blowing against the petals is what causes it to bloom, the often contrasting and colorful dark centers makes a bold statement .  Pink flowers and bouquets of anemones make an eye-catching statement. Pink Roses are some of the oldest roses in existence and appear often in early works of art.  Their assorted gradations cover a breadth of values from the palest of pinks such as peachy and coral pink, to mid-tones like mauve and true pinks, to the deepest pinks that range from magenta red to violet blue.  Lighter colored pink roses signify gentleness and admiration while the dark pink roses denote gratitude and appreciation. Pink Lilies bring harmony and joy to any surrounding and symbolize wealth and prosperity.  Their sweet and subtle fragrance can stimulate the senses.  Both bold and graceful at the same time, they can bring peace and tranquility and make a statement all at once. Pink Dahlia come in a wide range of shapes and sizes with many bloom varieties, each one more impressive then the next.  Petals can be wispy, pointed, round, or tubular, making flowers that can be used to create decorative pink floral arrangements.  With a wide diversity of meaning they are a flower to use when you want to take a walk on the wild side. pink-flowers-bouquets Pink Fresia’s are highly perfumed funnel or goblet shaped flowers.  Most often symbolic of innocence, these wiry stemmed and delicate blooms, create flower arrangements that dance.  These magnificent flowers make great accent flowers and exude sweetness and certainty.

Pink Floral Arrangements

Any pink floral arrangement can be an embodiment of grace and elegance.  Pair up pale pink roses with yellow roses to express admiration and happiness.  Create stark contrast by partnering hot pink tulips with deep green cabbage ribbons.  You can create pink floral arrangements that are subtle and gentle with subdued variations of lurid pink, or add spice and flavor to your setting with sultry deep hues that are flirty and sensuous.

Pink Wedding Bouquets

pink-wedding-bouquets-arrangments Like pink floral arrangements, pink wedding floral bouquets can delight the hearts of those we love on that special day.  For a more traditional wedding, add a touch of color with a white and peachy pink wedding bouquet of roses.  This elegant mix breathes new life into old customs.  Blend reds with pinks for sultry and captivating arrangement that will impress and enchant.  Pink wedding bouquets mingled with either refined or adventurous colors can add youth, innocence and joy to any event.

Pink Flowers & Bouquets Anytime and Anywhere

yellow-pink-wedding-bouquets1 Pink surrounds us in our everyday lives and expresses the variety of meaning that the color can encompass.   From the famous pink campaign for intimate apparel, ribbons to raise awareness for breast cancer, a rock ’n roll singer stylized in the color, a magazine for career women, pinking shears being named after pink flowers, and so many more, the color pink can indulge emotions, from the gentle to the sassy.  Always contemporary and extraordinary, pink flower arrangements and pink wedding bouquets enhance any occasion or space they fill.  Tickle me pink!

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