Over Watering: When You Love Your Indoor Office Plants Too Much

Posted on August 6, 2011

One aspect of my job is to visit offices around New York City and troubleshoot indoor office plant problems. I’ve noticed a singular phenomenon among many office-workers: an absolute obsession with the wellbeing of their plants! I was talking with a customer who forgot to water her office plants over the weekend. One of them looked very sad. “I sat at my desk all day Friday and drank a gallon of water, and could I remember to give that little plant one tiny cup? NO!” she said.

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Lesson learned: in an office, the plants are precious babies. Unfortunately, sometimes too much love can literally drown a plant.

4 Signs You’re Over Watering Plants

In NYC, 9 out of 10 plants are over-watered by the people who love them the most. Remember: it’s better to forget to water a plant than to overwater it, or have its root system sitting in a puddle of water. Plants – like people – hate wet and slimy feet. Check to see if your plants have any of these signs of overwatering:
  • Bright yellow leaves appear that feel spongy.
  • Leaves look brown and wilted but the soil is moist – indicates that roots are drowning.
  • Soil looks green or moldy – indicates that algae or fungi are growing in the soil.
  • Stems are mushy – it might be too late to save that plant…
If your indoor office plant is suffering from any of these signs of overwatering, first check and make sure the plant is not sitting in water. Then, let it dry out – don’t water the plant until the soil feels dry to the touch. After it’s dry, you can begin to water the plant again in small amounts on a regular schedule. Most plants only need watering once a week (unless they are in a very dry or sunny location).

Indoor Office Plants Should Be a Cinch

Here at Big Apple Florist, we want you all to relax and enjoy your indoor office plants. Stop worrying about killing them - most indoor plants in the NYC area are pretty forgiving! Click here and here to read about some of our favorite low maintenance indoor office plants, who ask only that you allow them to purify your air and fill your life with refreshing green. Just remember to not come on too strong…less is more! If you’d like to leave the plant care entirely up to us, visit our NYC plant maintenance page to set up services for your house or home!

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