NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements - Design Your Office to Impress

Posted on November 12, 2016

We’ve all heard the age old adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Weekly corporate floral services will set the stage to provide the one and only chance to convey an elegant, creative, contemporary, traditional or custom concept for that edge over the competition. From the moment clients enter your lobby, we will create a sensory experience for them -visual, olfactive, and even experience that can extend to landscape the interior and exterior of your corporate office, hotel, retail establishment, bar, restaurant, and luxury residential or commercial office building.


Where can weekly flower arrangements best fit in my office ? Walkways, corridors, conference rooms, reception desks, and common areas can all be beautifully accented and enhanced when you book a complimentary floral design consultation for weekly flower services with one of our design specialists. Our experienced designers will help you hand pick and create fresh, seasonal, one of a kind creations and accent greenery artfully arranged in assorted decorative containers. To adorn your work space we will work with you to conceptualize and execute a floral landscape to best suit your needs and desires. What types of flowering plants make more robust office arrangements? All of our weekly and monthly floral arrangements are constructed of the finest and freshest seasonal blooms and planters. Our design consultants will use their vision (or yours) to inspire a variety of floral arrangements ranging from modern and structural pieces to textural, layered pieces...soft and elegant, or unique and edgy! Each arrangement is carefully chosen to best complement every type of business in New York City. The possibilities are plentiful to bring your weekly or monthly floral design vision to life. At Big Apple Florist we are dedicated to creating masterpieces that reflect your corporate style. Over the last several years, orchid plants have become increasingly popular.  Their simple elegance & longevity make them an ideal choice for your office space. Orchids require little care and effort. Furthermore, an orchid arrangement in your office environment is a inexpensive way to display the artistry of nature. With minimal attention, we guarantee your orchid plant will last beautifully for months to come!


Upside down amarayllis bouquets How does weekly flower arrangement service work? During our initial visit, we will work with you to select the plants and containers that best suit your needs in the desired areas to be decorated. We will set up a complimentary consultation with one of our floral design specialists at your convenience  We can also provide regular scheduled maintenance for your flowers and planters if requested. What happens if I don't need flowers every week, but will want them bi-weekly or even monthly? Not to worry. Our dedicated team of floral design professionals work one-on-one with our valued customers to develop an individual schedule that meets your exact needs - whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly floral services arrangements. Our floral concierge service is risk can easily put your standing order on hold or cancel at anytime.  

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