NYC Weekly Flower Arrangements - Bring Some Life To The Office

Posted on September 16, 2016


Why have weekly flower arrangements delivered to my NYC office? Floral arrangements and decorative plants have been linked to general well-being for years. Weekly flower arrangements from Big Apple Florist can provide a host of benefits in the work environment. Being surrounded by beautiful flowers stimulates the senses visually by providing a beautiful and calming esthetic, and the olfactory sense as well via their pleasant and soothing aromas. The vibrant colors of the flowers have been proven to lift your mood and make you feel more at ease. Moreover, floral arrangements also stimulate the mind. Flowers and ornamental plants can positively impact mood, creativity, and productivity. Scientists have proven people produce higher quality work in environments enhanced by weekly floral arrangements. Studies show plants help people concentrate and produce work with less mistakes and of better quality compared to work environments devoid of nature. Memory performance and attention span are reported to improve by 20 percent. From a creative perspective, workers in office environments with weekly flower arrangements and plants produced thinking that was more innovative. They also generally developed more ideas and better solutions to problems compared to those who did not have the benefit of flora in the workplace. Additionally, workers reported they felt flowers enhanced the attractiveness and comfortability of their workplace. Employees report feeling happier, less stressed, and more relaxed which in turn improves mental cognition and performance. While your employees enjoy the beauty and benefits of weekly floral arrangements, your clients will be impressed with the decor enhancing advantage plants can lend to a workspace. At Big Apple Florist, our floral specialists will help you enhance your office from inception to installation: from selecting bloom colors and types of floral arrangements, to ideas for placement, we can show you how to project your weekly floral arrangements as a work of art by creating a focal point that will breathe new life into your workspace and convey a remarkable sense of sophistication. For example, placing a beautiful arrangement in the entryway can provide a dramatic first impression for clients. Additionally, weekly plants or flowers on employees desks can give a welcome relief from the glare of the computer screen. Using vivacious colors can improve mood and facilitate relaxation when the pressure and demands of the workday become too challenging. Lobbies, break rooms and hallways are some other locations where flowers can be placed to enhance the ambience of your work environment.

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