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Posted on May 12, 2016

Why choose Big Apple Florist for your NYC wedding flowers?

Big Apple Florist has been making a name for itself as the premier nyc wedding florist in Manhattan since 1945. Big Apple Florist have been the source for NYC wedding flowers providing customers with stunning bouquets and arrangements for decades. Each of Big Apple Florist's wedding bouquets are meticulously crafted to either reflect traditional standards, more modern standards, or even completely custom designs. When it comes to bringing wedding flowers together in one common beautiful theme, there is no better nyc wedding florist then Big Apple Florist.


What type of wedding centerpieces can big apple florist offer?

At Big Apple Florist, we provide traditional centerpieces, as well as modern centerpieces that match with the latest wedding flower trends. In addition to the standard modern and traditional centerpieces, we also often work with our brides and grooms on completely custom designs and themes. At Big Apple Florist we especially excel in the creation of modern and slightly abstract centerpieces. An example of this would be the incorporation of seed and branches and dynamic unnatural shapes in centerpieces. Big Apple Florist has a substantial amount of expertise in using materials like greenery, stones, candles, vases, and mirror tiles in centerpieces to make them even more memorable.

What types of reception flowers can big apple florist provide?

Big Apple Florist offers a wide variety of ceremony and reception floral arrangements. As a seasoned, premium nyc wedding florist, Big Apple Florist's reception flowers and arrangements will light up a wedding hall with the adornment of colors and theme you desire.  Big Apple Florist offers a variety of fragrant bouquets that line the wall and drive the floral color theme of the wedding home.  These can range from the traditional white wedding roses to more ostentatious arrangements of lilies and seeds.  Big Apple Florist can furnish reception flower arrangements featuring dendrobium orchids, allium, Casablanca lilies, willow branches, and other arrangements that complement the brides bouquet. Additionally, Big Apple Florist has a rich background combining the traditional colors with and modern deep reds and blacks. Ideally, Big Apple Florist can work with you to create the vision of the reception bouquet you have in mind.


What styles of wedding bouquets does big apple florist offer?

In many ways, the bouquet is the star of the show at any wedding.  At Big Apple Florist we have a variety of  in-house  bouquets and arrangements to choose from. These arrangements will catch the eyes of everyone in attendance and the photographer for good measure. As a top NYC wedding florist, we offer stunning lilac orchid and rose wedding bouquets, spanning a natural, traditional and modern feel. Many of our in-house bouquets are inspired by the most notable weddings in New York history. However, many of the bouquets we provide use exotic one of a kind ingredients that will help the bride stand out in a positive way. Additionally, Big Apple Florist provides customized wedding bouquets that are sure to be as inspired as our clients.  

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