NYC Plant Maintenance Experts Can Help You Bring Life to Your Office

Posted on March 23, 2011

Plants in the office and home are a beneficial addition because they can enhance and add color to the space as well as improve the air quality by filtering toxins. However, with having plants comes responsibility of upkeep. Regular NYC plant maintenance involves fertilizing, pruning, and disease control. By maintaining your plants, you can ensure the continued and extensive life of your plants.

Important Factors for Proper Plant Maintenance in NYC Offices

New York City offices are all different with regards to lighting, air quality, heating, and air conditioning. You must keep these NYC plant maintenance factors in mind when choosing a plant for your space: NYC plant maintenance If your office is dark, try to choose plants that need little maintenance and can survive in low light, such as corn plants, lisa canes, marginatas, silver queens, and braided bamboos. If your space is very well-lit, plants like crotons and cacti will thrive.

To Much Work? There's A Plant Maintenance Service For That.

If don’t quite have that green thumb and you’d rather not worry about your office’s plants, you can also hire professionals! Big Apple Florist offers attentive NYC plant maintenance services, where our experts visit your space on a weekly basis to care for your plants. This maintenance includes:
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Leaf shining
  • Plant dusting
  • Disease control
This kind of plant maintenance ensures that your plants will always look their best. We also guarantee the life of the plant; if the plant doesn’t last, we will replace it for no extra charge! Visit our section on NYC plant maintenance services if you’d like to learn more, or give us a call! (212) 687-3434.

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