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Posted on May 10, 2016

Many business owners consider how flowers and plants in their office can make a statement about their business. But today many companies have found flowers to be a therapeutic and creativity boosting influence in the workplace. One of the best ways a business owner can create a sense of optimism in their establishment is with a well-planned and weekly-managed flower arrangement.


Need weekly flower arrangements NYC? Aside from how a floral arrangement can enhance your office’s décor they can also create a sense of calm. A significant amount of research affirms the link between fragrances, the presence of flowers, and relaxation. This research has also linked the presence of flowers to employee productivity and creativity. An aesthetically pleasing arrangement can create a sense of zen. Having your office’s floral arrangement refreshed and maintained weekly keeps things clean and fresh. This makes your sense of comfort and repose consistent while making sure there are no leaves or messes left behind.    Where are the best spots in an office to have weekly flower arrangements? Designing a floral arrangement requires knowledge of flowers, and what conditions are best for each specific type. An nyc florist, or plant specialist will know what kind of flowers work and where to place them.  The lobby is the face of your business so a floral arrangement there is essential. After the lobby, another key location is the reception desk. Studies show that flowers facilitate communication. This means a bright pleasing arrangement is perfect for the reception area. A floral arrangement lined along an offices hallway adds a sense of elegance. The corners of a large desk or a book shelf are also ideal places for an arrangement in an office. Many modern lobbies are designed to convey a sense of authority in a particular industry.  A floral arrangement can enhance your nyc office while at the same time refresh the sense of vitality and authority.  When it comes to enhancing the experience and attentiveness of the work force flowers near cubicle areas are ideal.  A thoughtful and well maintained cubicle arrangement can put the mind of a stressed employee at ease.


How do I find an nyc florist for weekly flower arrangements? In order to find a nyc florist that can make your office an inviting place where things get done,  find out what each company has to offer. Nyc florists like Big Apple Florist will furnish a variety of different arrangements and the requisite vases and bouquets needed to fit the interior design of any office. It is also essential to look for a firm with a track record of satisfied customers like Big Apple Florist. This company has been making offices more beautiful while delivering flowers throughout New York City since 1945. Apart from their years of excellent service Big Apple Florist provides an in-office consultation. A florist with this sort of an eye for detail will find the right arrangement necessary to convey the message you want. Call Big Apple Florist for a consultation and let them show you how they can beautify your workspace.

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