New Bloggers at Big Apple Florist!

Posted on March 19, 2011

We’ve got some new writers at the Big Apple Florist Blog! Together they’ll be our new blogging team. Without further ado, let’s introduce Lindsey and Sarah: buy clomid online
class="alignright size-medium wp-image-1471" title="calla-lilly" src="" alt="" width="180" height="240" />Lindsey Lindsey, a new addition to the team, can help you with all your floral needs. She knows all the ins and outs of flower arrangements and plants, so if you’re curious how to choose the perfect gift for that special someone, she’s got the answers! Lindsey’s favorite flower is the calla lily, preferably yellow, but she would have to say that they are beautiful in all colors. In addition to being new to Big Apple Florist, she is new to New York - originally from Georgia. Lindsey’s ready to talk flowers! Sarah Sarah just joined us here at Big Apple Florist, and she can’t wait to share everything you ever wanted to know (and didn’t know you wanted to know!) about flowers, plant care, and anything related. Trivia? Yes. Pop culture? Sometimes. New York romance stories involving bouquets? Definitely. Ancient history facts about plants, flowers, ceremonies, and special events that despite being old are still somehow fascinating? Absolutely! Sarah’s favorite flower is the hydrangea, especially if she can find a really big, bright pink one. She also loves peach-colored roses on Valentine’s Day and Central Park in the summertime. Originally from California, Sarah’s very excited to be working with the Big Apple’s most gorgeous florist shop!

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