National Rose Month: A Rose is Not Just a Rose

Posted on May 31, 2010

Roses are a traditional symbol for love and beauty all over the world. They have universal appeal and meaning and are considered to bring balance and joy to the receiver. As one of the oldest flowers, the rose can be found in fossil remains that date back over 35 million years ago. As trading across countries opened up, cross pollination of rose species lead to unique hybrids and mixes and we have over 100 species of fresh roses today.

Celebrating National Rose Month with a pretty pink rose bouquet on a lace background

To celebrate the long held traditions of the rose, the month of June has been deemed as National Rose Month. To many, the rose is a symbol of love, devotion and peacefulness and it is a unique and delightful flower that none can compare to. Whether it is a rose arrangement with towering long stem fresh roses in a single, bold color, or an arrangement of petite roses in a variety of colors, roses are never boring. We are happy to celebrate National Rose Month and we dedicate this post to the many fascinating and wonderful uses of the rose.

Red rose bouquet with green accents

Uses of Roses: Celebrating National Rose Month in Style

Rose Bouquets & Arrangements

Roses are the most commonly gifted flowers and they are steeped in a long historical tradition. The combination of their strong and intoxicating fragrance, the simplicity of their blooms, and the variety of color choices make it one of the best options for making a daring statement. To celebrate National Rose Month in style, consider these options:
  • Give you home a glamorous feel with a different rose arrangement in each room.
  • Set the table and then decorate it with fresh rose petals scattered around the place settings.
  • Hand out individualized rose bouquets to your dearest friends.
  • Create a candle centerpiece with delicate fresh rose petals floating in the water.
  • Sprinkle rose petals on the bed for a romantic invitation.
  • Add fresh rose petals to a bubble bath for a calming and soothing sensation.
  • Host a party for National Rose Month and hang roses from the ceiling. Inform your guests that anything that is said in the room, stays in the room because they are “sub rosa”, which denotes secrecy and confidentiality.

Fresh Roses Oil

Rose oil is the essential oil extracted from fresh roses. It is the most complex of all the aromatic flower oils. The most common use of rose oil is in perfumes and fragrances and its main benefits are to calm the senses and cultivate love. Here are some great ways to use rose oil:
  • Put rose oil on a cotton ball and place it inside your pillow as an aromatherapy sleep aid.
  • Create a room spray with rose oil and soothe the emotions with the scent.
  • Rose oil has cooling properties; use it to help reduce swelling and headaches.
  • Use warm rose oil compresses to help alleviate muscle cramps.
  • Clear the sinuses with a rose oil steam bath.
  • Add rose oil to your daily moisturizer; it hydrates and reduces inflammation.

Rose arrangements for each guest invidualized with a different color rose

National Rose Month: A Reason to Love Fresh Roses

Just like the rose itself, there are so many options for being creative. So celebrate National Rose Month and find unique and tantalizing ways to use fresh roses. Share with us any suggestions you might have for using fresh roses. We love to hear your ideas.

Fresh roses close-up of pink roses

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