Modern Flower Arrangements

Posted on September 10, 2010

In today’s day and age there are many uses for modern flower arrangements. Maybe you’re a real estate agent showing off a new home and you want a floral table centerpiece for the dining room table to add more vibrancy to the room. Maybe you’re a wedding planner in search of the perfect decoration for your next wedding or maybe you just want something lovely for your home. Either way modern floral arrangements can perk up any environment and can be enjoyed by everyone. The question though is what kind of flower arrangement is right for you in these modern times? Modern flower arrangements like this deep red long stem rose bouquet with birch bark accents

Modern Floral Arrangements Ideas

Traditional flower arrangements are perfect for traditional purposes but what about occasions or settings that don’t call for tradition? How about a super cool party in need of pizzazz or a new business that thinks outside of the box in need of décor that reflects their business model? Modern flower arrangements are just what the doctor ordered. Why stick with traditional shapes and designs when arranging flowers? With modern floral arrangements there really are no boundaries. The sky is the limit! Here are some ideas when arranging your flowers for these modern times.

Sleek Modern Floral Design

One way to add a modern spin on your flower arranging art is to use a sleek and thin modern floral design. Rather than using a traditional short and stout flower pot or vase, you can try a tall and thin vase. Combine that with a long stem flower such as dried lavender and you have the beginning of a great modern arrangement. Depending on your preference, you can add other elements as well. This pink tulip modern floral arrangement has ribbon accents dunked in a square vase with white rocks at the bottom

Light Up Your Modern Flower Bouquets

When using a transparent vase you can incorporate lights into the modern floral arrangement. Adding string lights to the inside of a vase adds a cool illumination to your arrangement in a dim setting. If you really want to add more complexity to it, try adding glass stones to the vase as well. There are so many colors that you can play with when it comes to glass stones that you’re bound to find a perfect fit.

Modern Floral Isn’t Just All About the Flowers

Yes, you can use other things besides flowers for your modern floral design.  The use of wood within an arrangement can add a certain flare depending on the shape of the wood. Small pieces of driftwood are especially fun to work with and other things such as birch bark can be incorporated as well. You can really just have a ball experimenting with non-flower items. They will definitely catch the attention of someone and might make them say “Wow! That is really cool!” This white rose and green cabbage modern flower arrangement has green accent ribbons swirling through the round clear glass vase.

Your Neighborhood Modern Flower Shop

These are just a few ideas but there is so much you can do when arranging flowers in a modern and progressive sense. Don’t be confined to boring designs! Be a visionary! When it comes to pushing the envelope, Big Apple Florist’s flower arrangements are right there on the front lines. Big Apple Florist offers traditional and modern flower arrangements that, we are confident, will be perfect for you.

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