Memorial Flowers to Celebrate a Life

Posted on April 19, 2010

Memorial Flower Arrangements That Mean So Much

Celebrating the life and legacy of an individual and reflecting on what they have meant to you, is a meaningful and significant moment for anyone.  Looking back on the contributions they have made, both in the big picture and to the everyday life, conjures up emotions and feelings that are often hard to put into words.  In these times, memorial flower arrangements can say the words that cannot be expressed.  Be it loss of a family member, a close friend, a neighbor or associate, these occasions require a delicate balance of love and respect to honor the departed.  Memorial floral arrangements can help express precisely how you feel and help to define your devotion. funeral-flower-arrangements-wreaths-and-sprays

Memorial Floral Arrangements, Wreaths, and Special Gifts

Commemoration of a life can be expressed in many different ways.  Memorial floral wreaths, floral pillows, cluster floral arrangements, floral stands, fireside basket arrangements, garlands, sympathy plants and sprays can all be used to signify the importance of a life.  Wreaths and floral stands are more traditional memorial flower gifts and can be a beautiful way to show your love and affection.  Less traditional gifts such as sympathy plants can also be an appropriate choice for memorial services as they provide a lasting accolade that can be placed in the home or garden, to give compassion and encouragement throughout the mourning process.  Here are some of the most common memorial flowers and their meaning: •    Lilies symbolize life and hope •    Carnations mean pride and beauty •    Chrysanthemums say devotion and loyalty •    Gladioli for strength and integrity •    Statice for remembrance •    Roses denote love •    Hydrangea represent heartfelt expressions •    Poppies illustrate consolation •    Sunflowers signify loyalty •    Marigolds comfort the heart •    Iris indicate faith •    Lavender for admiration •    Hyacinth typifies loveliness •    Zinnia as a daily remembrance memorial-flower-arrangments-funeral-flowers Whether memorials flowers are selected based on their symbolism above or simply for their beauty, sending flowers is always an appropriate choice to celebrate a life. When customized memorial flowers are an option, they can be created with the individual in mind.  Memorial flowers can be subtle and subdued or bold and expressive and can symbolize how they lived their life.  Memorial flowers help to distinguish the departed in celebration of their life. memorial-floral-arrangments-funeral-flower-arrangements-wreaths

Memorial Service Flowers for Loved Ones

In history and throughout many cultures, memorial flowers have played an important role.  The fragrance and beauty of memorial flower arrangements provide a comforting backdrop.  As a symbol of life, memorial flowers send messages of hope and consolation.  Big Apple Florist is here to help in this very special time with the sympathy and ease you need when selecting funeral floral arrangements.

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