Love Stories in Movies and Flowers Symbolism

Posted on February 12, 2010

Find the Perfect Flower Bouquet Arrangement for Your Type of Love

flowers-love-stories-movies As the cool crisp winter air tickles noses, hearts are warmed this Valentine’s Day in a celebration of love and affection for one another. There are many different types of love such as romantic love, puppy love, or unconditional love. What type of love do you have in your relationship?  Knowing what type of love you possess, can determine the types of flowers that are perfect for expressing that love.  Below are some examples of well-known love stories from movies and the flowers which can best symbolize that particular type of love.  Be it love for a partner, a family member, a coworker or a best friend, the perfect flower bouquet is waiting for you. The Princess Bride:  Westley was a mere stable boy, but Princess Buttercup saw that his heart was warm and their love soon fostered caring and devotion towards one another.  When they were driven apart by the selfish and arrogant Prince Humperdinck, true love is what brings Westley back to life to rescue Buttercup and live happily ever after.  True love stories like these call for a traditional flower bouquet of dramatic, deep red roses.  The beauty and aroma of these classic flowers will leave your loved one saying. “as you wish”. Say Anything:  Lloyd is an army brat who falls head over heels for Diane, the “out-of-his-league” high school valedictorian.  Captivated by his endearing manner and persistence, the two start a relationship. When her father tries to come between them, accusing Lloyd of being an underachiever and not good enough for his daughter, Lloyd’s zeal eventually wins Diane’s heart.  When a crush turns into something real, kiss them with an exotic flower bouquet arrangement of cymbidium orchids and turn up that boombox. valentines-day-flower-symbolism-love1 An Affair to Remember:  Nickie is a well-known playboy who meets nightclub singer Terry aboard the SS Constitution; the two fall instantly in love.  They agree to end the relationships in their current lives and meet atop the Empire State Building in six months time.  Terry, in her rush to meet Nickie, is hit by a car and never makes it.  Nickie, believing he has been rejected, leaves in despair.  Not wanting Nickie to see her in her condition, Terry never contacts him.  Years pass and the two are finally reunited.  After a long explanation of events, they reconcile and realize nothing could have kept them apart. For the kind of love that is meant to be, where no forces can keep you apart, a vase of white roses can altogether symbolize unity and strength. The Wedding Singer: Robbie is making his living as a wedding singer when he meets the lively waitress Julia.  While he and Julia hit it off, they both are engaged to be married.  When Robbie gets stood-up at the altar, he tries to move forward with his life but has a hard time celebrating other people’s happiness. As Robbie and Julia spend time together making preparations for her wedding, their friendship grows deeper.  They become tangled in a mess of she thought, he thought moments. Julia and her fiancé take off for Vegas to get married and Robbie chases after her.  Robbie meets Billy Idol on the airplane, who convinces him to tell her his true feelings.  For unconditional and eternal love, a flower bouquet arrangement of interlocking tulips that say, “I want to grow old with you”. flower-symbolism Sleepless in Seattle: Sam who has recently lost his wife makes a move out to Seattle with his son Jonah.  When Jonah calls into a national radio show to get his father to talk on the air about how he misses his wife, thousands of women around the country connect with his story and send him letters in response.  Annie, who is engaged to a humdrum of a guy, hears Sam’s story, is touched by his words sends a letter herself.  Jonah, reading through all the letters is only taken with Annie’s and tries to convince his father to go see her in NY on Valentine’s Day.  After Sam’s friend convinces him that Jonah is right and it would be a good idea to meet with Annie, he sends her a letter and they agree to meet on top of the Empire State Building on February 14th.  When Sam first sees Annie, not knowing who she is, he is mesmerized.  After a whirlwind of almost near encounters, the two finally meet for the first time and fall in love.  Love at first site deserves a “mad for you” flower bouquet arrangement of fire red and yellow circus roses to show the fire in the heart. Wizard of Oz: Dorothy lives in a farmhouse in Kansas with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.  She dreams of one day escaping the doldrums of her home life.  When a cyclone descends upon their tiny house, she is whisked away to a land far away called Oz. In her journeys she finds friends that help her along the way including, a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, and a Cowardly Lion. Dorothy soon discovers that she had the power all along to get home.  She clicks the ruby slippers together three times and is transported back to Kansas.  When someone is missing the comfort and love of home, yellow and white roses can bring sunshine and cheer back into their hearts.  There is no place like home. express-love-with-flowers Beauty and the Beast:  When the Merchant innocently picks a rose at the house of the Beast to bring to his daughter Belle, the Beast is angered.  In exchange for his act of disrespect, Belle must go live with the beast.  Although, he may have been a beast, his kind heartedness and compassion is hard to resist. He proposes every night, yet Belle refuses.  When Belle leaves to visit her family, she discovers that the Beast is dying, and realizes that she is in love with the beast.  As she lays over him, teardrops fall onto the Beast and transform him into a handsome prince.  When compasionate love turns into a love to be cherished, flowers that symbolize cultivation and adoration, such as tulips and calla lilies, can break any curse. When Harry Meet Sally: Harry and Sally where just friends when they decide to take a road trip together to New York City after college.  With diverging opinions on men and woman and what friendship means, they part ways in an unfriendly manner. Years later they run into each other at an airport and discover they are taking the same flight.  Harry comes to Sally’s rescue when she is distraught over the fact that her ex is getting married and after an evening where they cross the line into being more then friends, their relationship escalates into fighting and tension until they finally come to terms with the fact that they do indeed love one another. A relationship that blossoms out of friendships warrants a breathtaking flower bouquet arrangement of pink roses that are sure to make anyone blush and say, “no, we cannot just be friends”. Dirty Dancing: When Baby meets Johnny at the Catskill Mountain Kellerman’s Resort and sees the behind-the-scenes dancing that goes on, she is instantly drawn to both the dancing and to Johnny.  Johnny’s friend and dance partner Penny becomes pregnant and Baby steps up to fill-in for a performance at a nearby resort. As Johnny becomes frustrated with the teacher/pupil relationship, there bond begins to strengthen. When Johnny is accused of stealing a wallet from a guest, Baby goes out on a limb to get him off the hook.  Although Johnny has been fired for his relationship with Baby, he comes back to perform the traditional final dance and pulls Baby on stage with him, nailing the dance and the lift that they missed in the prior performance.  For romantic love stories where the sparks fly, anemones, ranunculus and roses make for a bright and gleaming arrangement.  No one will want to put these flowers in a corner. flower-bouquet-arrangementAmelie: Not your ordinary girl, Amelie discovers that she has a knack for helping other people.  This shy waitress is a master of tricks and tactics that allow her to intervene to change the love lives of those around her. One action sets in motion a chain of events that eventually lead her to deal with her own loneliness. When she discovers a young man names Nino who collects the discharged photographs from passport photo booths, she is intrigued.  In a moment of luck, Nino drops his photo album and Amelie is there to retrieve it.  After finally getting up the courage to approach him, they become smitten with one another.  For the kind of love that takes courage and a bit of good luck, a flower bouquet arrangement of calla lilies, roses and orchids. Pretty in Pink:  When Andie, a misfit of sorts, who lives on the wrong side of town with her unemployed Dad, falls for a local rich kid, social worlds collide.  Ridiculed by friends for dating one another, Blaine ends the relationship.  Andie decides to go to prom, reinventing an old pink dress that her friend gave her, on her own showing them that she has not been broken. When Blaine finally stands up for Andie at the prom, the two connect in the parking lot and kiss. Artistic love needs a creative flower mix of tulips and roses that are as original as the person. Shrek:  This irresistibly lovable green ogre seeks out the quiet and somber life.  Winning a tournament at Farquaad’s palace, Shrek is sent out on a mission to rescue Princess Fiona.  When Fiona and Shrek meet, they discover they have so much in common.  What Shrek does not know is that Fiona turns into an ogress each night, a spell which can only be broken by a kiss from her true love.  Torn apart by her unhappiness with the transformation she takes every night and Lord Farquaad who plans to use the princess as a means to become a true king, the two go their separate ways.  When Farquaad discovers the truth about Fiona, he orders Shrek killed and Fiona imprisoned.  Shrek and Fiona share a magical kiss and as the curse is broken, Fiona takes her true form as an ogress.  For soulmates, this sweet and innocent love can be sealed with a kiss with cymbidium orchids. They will leave the receiver saying, I’m a believer. Moonstruck:  Set in Brooklyn heights in an Italian-American neighborhood, Loretta and Johnny are engaged to be married.  When Johnny leaves to visit his dying mother, Johnny younger brother Ronny steps into the picture.  Ronny and Loretta are instantly drawn to each other and they begin an affair.  After Loretta and her father both catch each other cheating, they agree to pretend that nothing happened.  Johnny comes home with shocking news that he cannot marry Loretta.  Ronny admits he is in love with Loretta, proposes and she agrees.  When love smacks you in the head, you need a flower bouquet arrangement that is as hot as your relationship is, red roses in a black vase will get them to snap out of it. love-stories-in-movies Fried Green Tomatoes: Evelyn, a repressed and unhappy housewife, is forced to hang around at the nursing home while her husband visits with his Aunt. Evelyn discovers the saucy Ninny, an old woman who lives at the nursing home, and the two bond to one another.  Every week, Evelyn visits Ninny and Ninny retells the tales of Idgie, an independent thinker who ran a diner in Alabama in the 1920’s.  As Evelyn becomes engrossed in these tales, the stories help Evelyn assert herself and find meaning in her life.  Friendship that helps you stand up and take action deserves a big flower bouquet of yellow roses. Towanda! Grease: Danny and Sandy, a most unlikely couple meet at the beach one summer and fall for each other.  They part ways at the end of the summer believing they will never see each other again. When Sandy’s family decides to stay in the US, Danny and Sandy reunite at Riedell High School.  However, things are different: Danny is a hip greaser and head of the T-Birds, a tough gang of boys and Sandy is a preppy, proper gal. Sandy becomes friends with Frenchy who hangs out with the schoolgirl clique, The Pink Ladies.  There reunion does not go smoothly and Sandy starts dating the high school jock.  After many attempts to gain back Sandy’s affection, Danny just can’t seem to win.  When the big race goes down at Thunder Road, Sandy and Danny both realize they have been foolish.  On the last day of school, Danny sports a preppy cardigan and Sandy struts her stuff greaser style.  When opposites attract, indulge in lush roses and tulips which go together and are for each other. valentines-day-love-stories-in-movies1 Sending Valentine’s Day flowers can lift spirits and intoxicate the senses.  So whatever path your love has taken and whichever love story from the movies best describes your relationship, you can take comfort in knowing there is the perfect flower bouquet arrangement out there to express your true feelings for someone.  We welcome you to share with us your favorite love story and tell us what type of love defines your relationships.

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