Legally Beautiful: Corporate Flowers for New York Law Offices

Posted on February 24, 2012

Law Office Flowers with Contemporary Elegance

corporate-flowers-new-york The Big Apple is home to thousands of practicing attorneys that specialize in diverse areas of law, protecting our rights and supporting all levels of our social strata. Here at Big Apple Florist, we are often called upon to create tasteful corporate flower arrangements and plant decorations for New York City’s law offices. Corporate flowers for a New York City law office can be an interesting design challenge. Colorful, lively, or energetic decor styles - though welcome in other office settings - may not be the best choice for a law office, where it’s important to express an air of good sense and confidence to clients while at the same time bringing visual diversity and dynamism to the legal professional’s workspace.

Choosing Corporate Flowers for Your New York Law Office:

law-office-flowers Enhance your professional landscape with these floral design tips in mind.
  • Use single flower arrangements or monochromatic color palette
  • Emphasize straightforward design that focuses on the blossoms themselves – not too architectural or showy.
  • Use simply designed vessels in neutral clear glass, black, white, or earth tones.
  • Include elegant green plants with simple containers.
  • White Phalaenopsis orchids in simple vessels are corporate flower arrangements that tend to work well universally.
  • Compliment the interior décor: if the space is sleek and contemporary, the flowers should be too. If the space if wood-paneled with shelves of legal treatises, the flowers should be lush and classic.
If you’re looking to liven up your law office, our design experts are happy to visit your space and provide detailed suggestions to help you create corporate flower arrangements perfectly suited to your space. Find out more about our weekly flower delivery services to corporate offices on our Weekly Flowers page, or give us a call directly at (212) 687-3434 to set up a consultation. Get inspired! For more law office flower ideas, browse through our beautiful collection of corporate flower arrangements.


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