Keep the Summer Feeling Alive in Your Office with Corporate, Weekly Flower Delivery, NYC

Posted on August 15, 2012

Autumn Is On Its Way

Who would've thought that after only a couple months, between movies in Bryant Park and rooftop happy hours, we would be back to the grind working hard for the money only to remember that autumn is just around the 3<sup>rd avenue corner? Let’s keep that summer feeling around with flower delivery, NYC! Every day, when I get to work, I walk in and am flooded by beautiful flowers and fragrant smells that hit my face, which only makes me smile as I continue through the jungle to my office. Jealous? Don’t be! You can have these colors and smells make your senses sing with joy every day as well when you walk into your office somewhere in this concrete jungle, known as New York City. Here at Big Apple Florist, we offer corporate flower delivery, NYC can appreciate this. As a customer service representative at Big Apple Florist, I get countless calls from happy customers bouncing with joy because they are so happy with their delightfully fresh and always colorful flower delivery arrangement in NYC.

Keep That Summer Feeling Around

Why not have a fresh flower arrangement like that delivered every week from your friendly, neighborhood florist? Imagine the compliments and smiles every week! We offer a service that allows your company to have fresh flowers installed at your corporate office every week to help make it that much easier to go to work every morning! That’s right; corporate, weekly flower delivery. NYC works hard; you deserve some beauty in your day. Here at Big Apple Florist, we strive to be:
  • Reliable,
  • Always beautiful
  • Up-to-date
Our professional florists offer our clients the best of the best in every way possible! With that said, why not make your corporate business the prettiest of the pretty with the freshest, most colorful flowers an office could ever ask for, on a weekly basis with corporate, weekly flower delivery in NYC!? If you’re interested in our corporate, weekly flower delivery services, NYC, read more here! Ready to sign up for this service for your home or office? Sign up here!

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