June is Coming!

Posted on May 28, 2015

Although we are sad to see gorgeous flowering branches begin to dissipate, June floral is on the horizon! This means that the soft muted shades of spring floral arrangements begin to merge with the bright, bold colors of summer. The month of June allows the perfect canvas for mixing late spring blossoms and early summer blooms, creating arrangements that are abundant with variety and cater to nearly everyone's floral desires! Some of our favorite blossoms that exhibit this merge into summer are featured below and will be coming into our summer collection shortly! June Varietals
  • Celosia - available in hot pink, orange, yellow, lime green and red
  • Peonies - available in red, hot pink, light pink and white
  • Sweet William - available in green, white, pink, purple and red
  • Sunflowers - available in yellow with green or black centers
  • Queen Anne's Lace - available in green or white
sum09-arr33 A mixed summer arrangement featuring vibrant celosia SUM12-ARR20 A bright sunflower arrangement with deep anthurium Bold June floral can be mixed with the classics, like roses and calla lilies, as we've done in the above arrangements. Or they can be mixed with exotic touches, like anthurium. June's bright tones mix well with traditional designs and modern, structural arrangements, making it one of our favorite months of the year for floral. Give us a call today at 212-687-3434 to find out what's fresh in the store or to inquire about an upcoming June event!

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