Join Us in November for the First of our Floral Design Classes in NYC!

Posted on October 8, 2011

Dive in, get your hands dirty, and learn something new with one of our first-ever floral design classes! This class is your opportunity to spend an evening surrounding yourself with gorgeous fresh flowers, opening your mind, and feeding your soul with color and nature.

Flower Arranging Classes for Designers With a Taste for Flair

floral-design-classes-nycHosting a last minute dinner and need the perfect floral table centerpiece? Need a gift that stands apart for a friend’s housewarming dinner? Like to spruce up your apartment every now and then? Learn how to arrange your own stunning arrangements in our professional floral design class, a 2 hour class that will give you a sneak peek into the exciting world of professional floral design. Our flower arranging class will teach you basic floral design techniques such as cleaning and cutting flowers, greening vases, and modern-compact design. We’ll fill you in on how to make our signature green looping (a Big Apple Florist specialty), and we’ll also share some our favorite professional floral design resources for purchasing fresh flowers, vases and greens in the city. By the end of our professional floral design class, you’ll be able to go home and create your very own unique floral arrangements, sure to dazzle any Manhattan apartment.

Learn Modern-Compact Techniques in Our Comprehensive Flower Design Class

Big Apple’s floral design class will be led by our lead floral designer, Brianne Tuthill, and our very own Big Apple Florist blogger Georgeann will also be there to assist! Each participant will have the opportunity to design two floral arrangements from scratch, using two different techniques: “greening” and “gridding”. We will make use of a variety of high-end, seasonal flowers in seasonal colors, such as:
  • Antique hydrangeas from Holland
  • South American roses from Ecuador
  • Orchids from Thailand
  • Dutch calla lilies and freesia
  • Locally-grown sunflowers
  • Textural accents such as berries, dried pods, and mini gourds

After a basic floral design technique overview, participants will be free to create their own floral combinations, colors and styles, with help from the pros. And the best part? All participants will also get to take their two amazing floral designs home.

To sign up for Big Apple Florist’s professional floral design class, please email us or give us a call at (212) 687-3737! Floral design classes in NYC are held at our design studio, located at 228 E 45th Street. Big Apple’s next flower arranging class is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1st from 7-9pm. Cost is $200 per person, and classes include complimentary beverages & delicacies.

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