How To Get Lucky On Valentine’s Day: Ask Big Apple

Posted on February 14, 2012

Why Roses Will Always Be Classics

Dear Big Apple, I was watching the Super Bowl last weekend, and I saw the commercial featuring an extremely gorgeous supermodel advertising flowers. Is it true? If I send flowers on Valentine’s Day will I have the best night of my life? Doesn’t everybody send flowers on Valentine’s Day? What’s so special about flowers on Valentine’s Day?  Sincerely, John
why-valentines-day-flowers-are-bestDear John, Go Giants!!! We were all watching the game too, and we loved that commercial. Why? Because the commercial's message was timeless. One might even say it was Biblical - “Give, and it will be given to you...for the measure you give will be the measure you get back...” You're not alone; a lot of people worry that sending flowers on Valentine’s Day isn’t original. But here's the deal: everybody sends flowers on Valentine’s Day not just because it is a traditional symbol of the holiday, but because people genuinely love flowers. They warm up a dreary mid-winter day, amp up your creativity, and they are a sweet-smelling, fleeting luxury that makes the recipient feel like royalty. Flowers are a comfortable, lovely gift idea – and do they have to be original to be good? Besides, what’s worse than being the only person in the office that doesn’t get something special? We’ve all been that person. It's lonely and depressing, wishing, waiting and hoping to get a bouquet at work. Even the shyest, lowest-keyed person wants a special fuss made for them once in a while. Really. Even if they say they don’t. People want surprise parties and special deliveries of flowers, because human nature loves a special treat. If you have the means and the inclination you should make someone happy – just because you can! Valentine’s Day is a day to focus on romantic love and an opportunity in our busy, mundane lives to stop and smell the roses, send flowers and heart-shaped cards, feed each other chocolates, go out to dinner and drink champagne! It reminds us to celebrate the people in our lives that keep us moving forward, to celebrate the people who make us feel strong, sexy, confident, beautiful, and to celebrate the people who make our heartbeat skip a beat. So John, that's why you should give someone flowers – to get some joy! Sincerely, Big Apple Florist P.S.  Check out our website for some gorgeous Valentine’s Days Treats or give us a call (212) 687-3434, and one of our floral romance specialists will help you find the perfect gift for that special someone. Below are more of our favorite Valentine's Day floral arrangements: valentines-day-flower-arrangement valentines-day-flower-arrangement-2

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