How to Find the Best Florist in Manhattan?

Posted on October 31, 2009

An Interview with Big Apple Florist in NYC

How do you know when you've found the best florist in Manhattan?  In a city with over 1.6 million people, a florist that seeks to build personal relationships by working one-on-one with each of its clients is a good sign.  Here we interview Ashley from Big Apple Florist in NYC to try to determine what it takes to be one of the best florists in Manhattan... ashley-big-apple-florist 1.          Who and where are your clients? Most of our customers are working professionals.  We currently work with some of the top law firms, advertising agencies, building management companies, restaurants and hotels in New York City. We also work closely with individuals who have private residence within the NYC Metropolitan area. 2.          What have these clients come to expect from you? Our clientele expect only the best when it comes to our products and services.  For years we have been providing New York City with high end floral bouquets, blooming and green plants and overflowing fruit and gourmet baskets.  We try to offer all of our clients a quick turn around time to all there requests.  We can extend same day delivery not only in the New York City area but usually anywhere across the United States. new-york-city-big-apple-florist 3.      How does being in New York City influence your business? Being located in the Big Apple has so many advantages. Our products cater to our New York customers.  We specialize in corporate services, being in the heart of Manhattan we have access to some of the biggest companies around.  Most of the main branches of the large organizations we work with are based in New York City.  This gives us the opportunity to help our core corporate customers with all of our services for example: Everyday gift giving, Weekly floral arrangements, Plant services and maintenance, and Event planning. 4.          Tell me about the history of Big Apple Florist Big Apple Florist opened in 1991 as a small retail shop located in the Penta Hotel on 33rd and 7th Ave.   Shortly after we opened we began acquiring other Flower shops in the area and needed more space, so we moved our location to 200 Park Ave in the Metlife building and an additional store at 230 Park Ave. In early 1993, again we started acquiring additional Flower shops, and absorbed their account base by welcoming their customers to the Big Apple family. That year we acquired Mid New York City Florist, and in 1996 we purchased Marion Champol and George Krammer Florals. In 2000, we consolidated all of our locations and opened our large flagship store and current location at 228 E 45th Street.  In 2004 we bought Anne Bruno Floral & Event Company and finally in 2006 we acquired GP Florist and folded both companies into the Big Apple name.  In the present day we sit on 45th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.   Big Apple Florist is one stop services for your corporate needs.  We are the largest Corporate Florist in New York City and have over 300 Corporations in our portfolio.  We work closely with each company to help provided them with Weekly services, day to day gift giving, plant Maintenance and corporate events.  We can also provide our clients with specialized holiday décor from, trees, wreaths, poinsettias and so much more.  We can also help with your holiday gift giving such as gourmet gift baskets, plants and holiday florals. big-apple-florist-nyc 5.          With premium pricing, what does Big Apple Florist do for its clients that other florists may not? We always strive to be the best!  Not only in our selection and quality of flowers, but in the personal relationships we build with our customers. We personalize every order, and pay extra attention to details. No matter the size, location or any specific's involved; we guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customer and their recipient. If they're not happy, we're not happy. On a grander scale, we also specialize in accommodating corporate offices, private homes, wedding's and other special events, no matter how intimate or extravagant.  We provide free consultations, in which our Creative Director will meet our customer at their space, working with them one-on-one to really tune into their personal needs, and provide our own insight as to what would work best for that location. We like to think of ourselves as leading the charge when it comes to Customer Service. 6.          Why are long term clients still with you? Our long term clients are with us because we provide them with a quality product that's consistent yet creative time after time. We are always researching and exploring to find new things that are cutting edge in the industry so our clients always have a variety of products to choose from so we never go stale. 7.          Do you find word-of-mouth to be a popular way that Big Apple grows its customer-base? We like to consider "word of mouth" one of our best marketing tools.  Especially in New York City when you deliver to Offices most of the time.  If one person in the office gets a gorgeous bouquet and everyone gets to see it, you would be surprised how many people in the office are raving about Big Apple Florist by the end of the day!  We get tons of phone calls that start off with "a girl in my office just received flowers from her boyfriend for her birthday and they are beautiful....I would like to order something like that for my mom or best friend...etc" 8.          What type of training does your staff have? Whether you are in the Sales studio or on the design floor you begin training from the second you walk in the door.  We are always looking to help our employees grow and continue to grow in their abilities during their years with us.  Our employees usually have about 2 weeks training before they even get on the phones to start helping customers and we foster qualities such as honesty and friendliness in our staff. If they are unsure what someone wants at the beginning let them know "you are new" and obtain a manager's assistance.  We would never want our customer's final product to be sacrificed because of our growing pains! 9.          What are your social/community goals? Our number one goal is to build our personal relationships within the community in order to grow our loyal clientele. We also would love to work with new clients to make them as happy as our existing customers. 10.      What's the best part about being a florist shop in New York City? Meeting new people and talking with our clients.  Most of the time we are helping people celebrate happy times in their lives and it is great to hear the stories about how we were able to make our customers' friends and family smile! big-apple-florist-store

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